Jennifer Dill

Professor and TREC Director
Phone: 503-725-2855

Hau Hagedorn

Associate Director
Phone: 503-725-2833

John MacArthur

Sustainable Transportation 
Program Manager
Phone: 503-725-2866

Eva-Maria Muecke

Research and Education Program Administrator
Phone: 503-725-2897

Carol Wallace

Fiscal Operations Coordinator
Phone: 503-725-2834

Cait McCusker

Communications Director
Phone: 503-725-2843

Cheyanne Kalainoff

Financial Research Administrator
Phone: 503-725-2829

Hui Zhang

Web Developer
Phone: 503-725-2842

Lisa Patterson

Technology Transfer and Workforce Development Program Manager
Phone: 503-725-2838

Sophie Hawley

Office Manager
Phone: 503-725-2896

Lacey Friedly

Communications Coordinator
Phone: 503-725-8545