TCS 2017

The 9th annual Transportation & Communities Summit 2017 took place September 11–12.

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The keynote address was delivered by Hannah Ubl, Research Director at BridgeWorks. Hannah is a speaker, researcher, writer, consultant and generational expert. Her research has unearthed valuable tips and actionable solutions for multi-generational workplaces, and key strategies for marketing and reaching more generationally diverse client bases. Her keynote presentation addressed the challenges and opportunities of a transportation workforce that spans multiple generations, how to recruit and retain millennial talent, and how to motivate and communicate across generations to help the transportation industry thrive and create vibrant communities and workforces for the future.

BridgeWorks has been dedicated solely to the study of generational differences since its inception in 1998. Hannah heads up BridgeWorks’ research initiatives, including delving into the latest trends on Generation Edge, the generation after Millennials.



Breakout Sessions

Slides will be posted by the end of September.

The interconnectedness of transportation and affordable housing

Moderator: Elissa Gertler, Metro

Speakers: Arlie Adkins, University of Arizona; Ryan Curren, Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability; Pedro Galvao, Non-Profit Housing

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LOS to VMT: A new approach to measuring congestion impacts

Moderator: Chris Rall, Transportation for America

Speakers: Mike Bagheri, City of Pasadena; Amy Lee, University of California, Davis; Andy Cotugno, Formally Metro; Chris Ganson, California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research

Get in the data driver’s seat! How to navigate data sources like a pro

Moderator: Garth Appanaitis, DKS

Speakers: Kristin Tufte, Portland State University; Chris Wright, ODOT; Sal Akhter, Streetlight; Michael Mauch, Iteris

Incorporating Innovations in Trip Generation into Practice

Moderator: Kelly Clifton, Portland State University

Speakers: Kristi Currans, University of Arizona; Kendra Breiland, Fehr & Peers; David Somers, Los Angeles Department of Transportation

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Measuring equity initiatives in transportation planning

Moderator: Aaron Golub, Portland State University

Speakers: Grace Cho, Metro; Maria Hernandez, OPAL

Urbanism Next: Secondary Effects of Autonomous Vehicles on Urban Development

Moderator: Nico Larco, University of Oregon

Speakers: Ben Clark, University of Oregon; Ingrid Fish, City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability; Peter Hurley, PBOT; Eric Hesse, TriMet; Arthur Nelson, University of Arizona

Catching up with Technology: Planning for the smart, connected future

Moderator: Kristin Tufte, Portland State University

Speakers: Margi Bradway, City of Portland; Eliot Rose, Metro; Mary Li, Multnomah County; Tim McHugh, TriMet

Transit: Who's on board? Transit enhancements that increase ridership

Moderator: Jennifer Dill, Portland State University

Speakers: April Bertelsen, City of Portland; Keith Bartholomew, University of Utah; Adam Parast, City of Seattle

Bang for the Buck: How states and MPOs are striving to be more accountable and transparent

Moderator: Rob Zako, University of Oregon

Speakers: Roger Millar, Washington State Department of Transportation; Tammy Baney, Oregon Transportation Commission; James Corless, Sacramento Area Council of Governments



Using novel data sources to support transportation planning and analysis

Instructors: Garth Appanaitis, DKS Shaun Quayle, Washington County Michael Mauch, Iteris Brian Riordan, Strava Sal Akhter, Streetlight Liming Wang and Kristin Tufte, Portland State University Chris Wright, Tara Weidner, Josh Roll, Julie Kentosh, Rich Arnold and Alex Bettinardi, Oregon Department of Transportation

Walkability Audits: Identifying and evaluating the walkability of your community

Instructors: Hannah Day-Kapell, Senior Associate, Alta Planning + Design; Don Kostelec, AICP, Senior Associate, Alta Planning + Design

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Walk, don’t run? Advancing the state of the practice in pedestrian demand modeling

Instructors: Kelly Clifton, Portland State University Joe Broach, Portland State University Robert Schneider, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee Patrick Singleton, Utah State University Jaime Orrego, Portland State University

Data Analysis for Smarties who Forgot what they Learned in College

Instructor: Jennifer Dill, Portland State University

Community Engagement: Strategies to design your path to success

Instructors: Francesca Patricolo, City of Portland Bureau of Transportation Linda Ginenthal, City of Portland Bureau of Transportation

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Systemic Safety Analysis: A comprehensive method for safety planning and implementations

Instructor: Beth Wemple, HDR Reginald Souleyrette, University of Kentucky Doug Bish, ODOT Brian Chandler, Leidos

Tactical Urbanism

Instructor: Gwen Shaw, Toole Design Group


Continuing Education 

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The Better Naito Story

Presenter: Gwen Shaw, Toole Design Group

A Survey of Advisory Bike Lanes in North America

Presenter: Michael Williams, Portland State University

Safer Transportation for Every Pedestrian (STEP)

Presenter: Peter Eun, FHWA Resource Center

Electric Vehicles and Transportation in Underserved Communities

Presenter: Zach Henkin, Forth

The Pedestrian's Tale

Presenter: Brian Davis, Lancaster StreetLab

Walking and bicycling for health and happiness: Exploring the positive utility of travel and mode choice

Presenter: Patrick Singleton, Utah State University



A Guidance in Logistics and Safety Investments through Logistics Activity Center (LAC) Development Criteria Analysis

Seckin Ozkul, Research Associate Faculty, Center for Urban Transportation Research at USF

Safer Transportation for Every Pedestrian

Peter Eun, Safety Engineer, FHWA Resource Center

Characterizing Travel Behavior Zones in Los Angeles

Karina Macias, Transportation Planner, Los Angeles Department of Transportation

Road Diet v2.0

Michael Williams, Graduate Student, Portland State University

Analyzing the relationships of walking and the built environment

Jaime Orrego, Graduate Student, Portland State University

Respectful Workplaces: Retaining Oregon’s Diverse Apprentices

Maura Kelly, Associate Professor of Sociology, Portland State University

Short-Term Truck Travel Time Prediction Using a Robust Hybrid Model

Abolfazl Karimpour, Graduate Research Assistant, University of Arizona

Exploring Multi-source Traffic Sensor Data for Multi-Modal Arterial Performance Measurement

Yao-Jan Wu, Assistant Professor, University of Arizona

The X-Files: V2X and Active Transportation

Stephen Fickas, Professor, University of Oregon

Operation Design and Demand Estimation  of a Public Transit System for City of Arlington

Sirwan Shahooei, Graduate Student, University of Texas at Arlington

When You Can’t Get Out – Using Transportation Data to Help Environmental Justice Populations​​ Move from Social Exclusion to Inclusion

Courtney Cronley, Associate Professor, University of Texas at Arlington

Public Health Performance Measures and Their Role in the Regional Metropolitan Transportation Planning Process

Sheida Khademi, Graduate Student, University of Texas at Arlington

Developing Public Health Performance Measures to Capture the Effects of Transportation Facilities on Multiple Public Health Outcomes

Saeed Reza Ramezanpour Nargesi, Graduate Student, University of Texas at Arlington

Working on an Interdisciplinary Team to Address Transportation Disadvantage among Older Adults

Vivian Miller, Graduate Student, University of Texas at Arlington

Using innovative data collection methods to document transportation disadvantage in environmental-justice populations: An interdisciplinary case study

Noelle Fields, Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Arlington

Does Compact Development Increase or Reduce Traffic Congestion?

Guang Tian, Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Utah