OTREC at TRB: Sunday

December 31, 1969 4:00 pm - December 31, 1969 4:00 pm

Faculty and students affiliated with OTREC's four universities are involved in the following TRB workshops on Sunday, Jan. 23, 2011:


114. Accelerated Bridge Construction - Research, Design and Practice

This workshop introduces practitioners to several strategies for increasing construction speed of new bridges or rehabilitating or replacing older bridges. Techniques presented include full-depth precast bridge deck panels, all precast bridge construction, and self-propelled mobile transports for setting completed bridges into position. In addition to the fundamentals of accelerated construction techniques, several case studies will be presented.


143. Educating Transportation Engineers

This workshop examines best practices and innovations in traffic signal education and training and identifies what students, engineers, and technicians need to know and understand about traffic signal systems, the available resources to improve skills and competencies in practice, and how the Traffic Signal Systems Committee can encourage development of educational materials, curriculum, tools, and activities to improve education and training in traffic signal systems.


185. Qualitative Research Methods in Transportation: New Approach to New Challenges

This workshop is designed to address the what, why, and how of qualitative research (QR). QR methods have the ability to answer questions that quantitative research cannot, illuminating the reasons behind observed behavior, which is increasingly important as we strive to promote behavioral change. Participants will learn when to use QR, which methods are appropriate for which research questions, and how qualitative and quantitative methods can reinforce each other.

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