Nov 24, 2014

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Abstract: Brock Nelson is the Director of Public Affairs for Union Pacific Railroad. He will give a brief overview of Union Pacific, and how they go about preparing for, and responding to frequent events such as landslides and floods.

Aug 12, 2011

Designing efficient transit systems is only one piece of the puzzle. Getting people to use them is another.

In his bestselling “Transit Maps of the World” and followup work “Paris Metro Style: In Map and Station Design,” Mark Ovenden detailed the beauty of maps people use to navigate transit systems and of the stations themselves.

“When you walk into the Paris Metro system, with its art nouveau stations, it does affect you, whether you notice it or not,” Ovenden said. “It feels nice to be in. It encourages people to use the train.”

Ovenden will offer his take on transportation systems as the keynote speaker at the Oregon Transportation Summit, Friday, Sept. 9 at Portland State University.

Ovenden vaulted to fame with “Transit Maps of the World” after a career in radio and television. But he always had an interest in collecting maps and riding transit systems. “On a school trip to Paris at 9 or 10, I just wanted to ride the Metro all day,” he said. “The teacher said, ‘no, come with us to the Eiffel Tower, you idiot.’”

Even out of context, the maps Ovenden compiled serve as an art work. But much of their beauty lies in their function: getting people around smoothly. Some of the best maps, such as...

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Mar 03, 2011

Portland State University students visited Seattle March 4 for the second leg of a high-speed rail workshop begun in February in Portland. Daniel Carlson of the University of Washington and Ethan Seltzer of Portland State put together the two-campus workshop to link and enhance courses at their respective universities.

Carlson teaches the transportation and land-use policy course at the University of Washington. The course explores federal and local policies on land use and transportation and focuses on the Puget Sound area as a case study in how a metro area’s growth affects how people get around.

Seltzer, an urban studies and planning professor at Portland State, explores the history and practice of regional planning in his regional planning and metropolitan growth management course. The course includes an individual paper and a group project examining the benefits of high-speed rail in the Cascadia region.

On Feb. 4, both classes met in Portland to examine the Portland State students’ work. On Friday, the University of Washington students reciprocate. A report will synthesize the products of both classes and will be posted on the America 2050 website,