Jan 21, 2015

The Friday Transportation Seminar series at Portland State University began in the fall of 2000.

Archived materials are not available for seminars earlier than the Spring term of 2002.

Below are the dates, topics and speakers for the first two years of the Friday Transportation Seminar.

Spring 2002



Seminar Topic


Apr 5

Alternative Transportation Finance

Rep. Bruce Starr, Oregon House of Representatives

Apr 12

European Tour on Transportation and Land Use

Lynn Peterson, Tri-Met

Apr 19

Portland/Oregon: Need For New Transit Direction

Bob Behnke, Transportation Consultant

Apr 26

Pay-As-You-Drive Auto Insurance

Chris Hagerbaumer, Program Director, Oregon Environmental Council

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Jan 14, 2015

The video begins at 4:22.

Jan 14, 2015

The video begins at 0:20.

Jul 01, 2011

Even with uncertainty clouding the future of university transportation research, more than 150 people from around the country showed their dedication to providing the most useful transportation research at the Council of University Transportation Centers2011 summer meeting. OTREC hosted the conference June 13-15 at Portland State University.

University transportation researchers and staff, along with federal and state transportation officials, convened for three days of work sessions, meetings and exploring. OTREC-organized tours gave a Portland flavor to the proceedings, letting visitors explore the city by every available transportation mode. The 4T trail took participants on a light-rail train, a trail, an aerial tram and a streetcar (or trolley). The bike tour showed off the bicycle infrastructure that is making Portland nationally known. An architecture walking tour highlighted downtown Portland’s buildings and parks. And the food-and-beer tour explored the city’s burgeoning food-cart scene and copious microbreweries.

For many people, the conference provided the...

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Jun 10, 2011

Every day, trucks travel in, out and through Portland delivering the goods that make the city and region’s economy thrive. But urban freight traffic in the Portland metro area has become increasingly congested and unreliable, leading to longer travel times, fewer goods being distributed and more greenhouse gases being emitted. OTREC researchers have worked with commercial vehicle GPS data and freeway traffic sensor data to understand the impact of urban congestion on commercial vehicle fleets and what can be done to reduce congestion.

In “Algorithms to Quantify the Impacts of Congestion on Time-Dependent Real-World Urban Freight Distribution Networks” (Read Paper Here) and “The Impacts of Congestion on Time-definitive Urban Freight Distribution Networks CO2 Emission Levels” (Read Paper Here), OTREC researcher Miguel Figliozzi and his team attempted to quantify and measure the impacts of congestion on freight from a business, as well as environmental perspective. The project team combined time-dependent algorithms, real-world traffic data, and open source software Google Maps to...

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Nov 25, 2008

OTREC is pleased to present our 2007-2008 Annual Report. This publication is a summary of transportation research, education and technology transfer activities of OTREC for October 1, 2007 to September 30, 2008. If you would like a paper copy, please contact us.