University Curriculum

NITC is committed to teaching university students the latest topics consistent with transportation and livable communities. Our education projects focus on developing innovative new curriculum that can be tested and shared among NITC and other universities. NITC partner campuses offer funds to attract students to transportation through education opportunities at the university level. Our education grants focus on creating opportunities for experiential learning, and attracting and supporting undergraduate students. The following are education projects that help to further this objective:




The curriculum modules and resources shared here are offered to you conditioned on your acceptance without modifications of the Terms. Your use of the curriculum modules constitutes your agreement to all such Terms.

  • To reproduce or make copies of the modules: any reproductions or copies must contain proper attribution to the National Institute for Transportation and Communities (NITC), and at a minimum, the NITC logo. 
  • To distribute the modules or module adaptations: any reproductions or copies must contain proper attribution to NITC, and at a minimum, the NITC logo. 
  • To create and reproduce adaptations (work based on the curriculum modules): provided that any such adaptations or changes, including any translation in any medium, takes reasonable steps to clearly label, demarcate or otherwise identify that changes were made to the original modules. For example, a translation could be marked "The original curriculum modules were translated from English to Spanish." If significant adapations are made (e.g. language translation) that may benefit other users, please contact us at to determine whether this update could be added to the project resources.