Research Highlights

Active and Public Transportation Connectivity between North Temple TOD and Jordan Park River Trail

Ivis Garcia Zambrana
Christie Oostema
The project seeks to capitalize on existing community assets—several TOD stations and a regional bike and pedestrian trail system—by studying how these can be linked. The overarching goal of this project is to increase scholarship on networking safe routes that can encourage public and active transportation choices and thus, encourage a healthier lifestyle and advance sustainability. By expanding pedestrian, bicycle, and transit connections to green space and offering the most potential for T... Read More

Characterization of Li-air batteries as an option to increase Electrical Vehicle range

Claudia Torres Garibay
The topic of the presented research tackles the main cause by which Electrical Vehicles (EVs) have not replaced conventional gasoline vehicles: battery capacity. This partially-funded project investigates the early development of Lithium-Air batteries as a solution to the limited range of EVs. With a theoretical energy density comparable to gasoline, this technology is the most viable solution to date to increase the energy capacity of EVs. Although Lithium-Air batteries offer an attractive a... Read More