Research Highlights

Prioritization for Seismic Retrofit with Statewide Transportation Assessment

Peter Dusicka
The bulk of the bridge inventory in Oregon was built prior to the current understanding of bridge response and prior to current understanding of the expected earthquake demands. While some bridges are being replaced due to other deficiencies, majority are expected to continue to stay in service for decades to come. Prioritization method is needed for deciding on bridge investment or for allocating the limited resources available. The overall goals of the research are to develop and apply a re... Read More

Evaluation of an Eco-Driving Program: Changing Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior

Donald Truxillo
Economical, ecological, and safe driving – eco-driving – is aimed at reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions (Martin, Chan, & Shaheen, 2012). The adoption of energy-efficient driving styles and practices has been recognized as a means of reducing energy consumption, and estimates of energy savings attributed to eco-driving have been reported to range from 5% to as high as 20%, depending on the driving context (Barkenbus, 2010; Stillwater & Kurani, 2013; van der Voort, Dougherty... Read More