Research Highlights

Developing Data, Models, and Tools to Enhance Transportation Equity

Amy Lubitow
Julius McGee , Raoul Liévanos
Despite recent improvements in transportation accessibility assessments and transportation survey methodologies, there are still challenges in engaging hard to reach populations in transportation surveys, such as low-income, minority, and transit-dependent populations that are protected classes under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act and Executive Order 12898. Because travel survey data are used to forecast demand, inform transportation investments, and craft urban policies, it is critical to... Read More

Building Planner Commitment: Are Oregon’s SB 1059 & California’s SB 375 Models for Climate-Change Mitigation?

Keith Bartholomew
Reid Ewing
Oregon’s Sustainable Transportation Initiative (SB 1059) and California’s Sustainable Communities Act (SB 375) have made them the first states in the nation to try and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions using the transportation-planning process. Evaluating how these pioneering laws have changed local planning processes – as well as plans themselves – in each state provides insight into the laws’ effectiveness at changing development patterns in a way that reduces GHG emissions, without wai... Read More