Research Highlights

Travel to Food: Transportation Barriers for the Food Insecure in Tampa Bay

Ann Joslin
Kevin Salzer
In partnership with the Tampa Bay Network to End Hunger (TBNTEH), this proposed research will inform practical transportation solutions aimed at improved food access in the Tampa Bay (Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco Counties). The food pantry/bank sites that are part of TBNTEH will help gather survey data from their client population. The survey will be a modified version of that used by the Three Square Food Bank in Los Vegas, Nevada. That particular study resulted in major policy changes ... Read More

Tools for Gusset Plate Evaluation

Christopher Higgins
Peter Dusicka , Michael Scott
The collapse of the I-35W Bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota has raised questions regarding the performance and possibly safety of steel truss bridges. The failure investigation indicated that the collapse was due to a design error in the gusset plates used to connect the truss members. The findings also recommend that evaluation of truss connections will be needed, which is a deviation from past practice where only members were considered. Gusset plates connect individual steel truss bridge me... Read More