Research Highlights

Transferability & forecasting of the Pedestrian Index Environment (PIE) for modeling applications

Kelly Clifton
There have been important advances in non-motorized planning tools in recent years, including the development of the MoPeD pedestrian demand model (Clifton et al., 2013, 2015). This tool and others are increasingly requested by governments and agencies seeking to increase walking activity and create more walkable places. To date, the MoPeD tool has been piloted with success in the Portland region using data unique to Metro, the metropolitan planning organization. However, there is increasing ... Read More

Hurricane Wave Forces on Highway Bridge Superstructure

Daniel Cox
A. Objectives The objectives of this study are to: (1) conduct the first, large-scale physical model study of wave loads on a highway bridge superstructure under realistic wave conditions and bridge geometries, and (2) evaluate the application of existing design formulas developed for deep water, wave-in-deck loading of offshore structures to shallow water, highway bridge geometries. This will aid in our understanding of the dynamic loads by hurricane waves on highway bridg... Read More