Research Highlights

Vehicle acquisition and disposal/ Multi-modal Household Vehicle Fleets and Residential Location Choices

Roger Chen
Vehicle availability significantly affects household travel behaviors and consequently affects the requirements for modeling and forecasting of household travel decisions under future or alternative scenarios. Household vehicle fleets are not acquired instantaneously, but evolve over time as a result of fleet transactions, which include vehicle (i) disposal or retirement, (ii) replacement and (iii) acquisition decisions. Parallel to this forecasting need, is the increasing diversification of ... Read More

Overlooked Density: Re-Thinking Transportation Options in Suburbia, Phase III

Nico Larco
Suburban Multifamily Housing has been the largest growing housing market in this country since 1970 and currently accounts for almost one in four units of housing in suburbia (U.S. Census Bureau 1973 through 2007). These housing developments are typically two to three stories in height, can reach densities of more than 30 units/acre, and are ubiquitous throughout the country. For primarily transportation-related reasons, this dense housing type is usually located along arterials and adjacent... Read More