Research Highlights

Evaluation of the Effect of Supportive Services on the Success of Apprentices in a Highway Trade

Maura Kelly
This project evaluates the impact of a Bureau of Labor and Industry (BOLI) and Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) initiative that provides supportive services (i.e., child care subsidies; fuel assistance; support for overnight travel; and tools, clothing, and personal protective equipment) to promote retention of apprentices in the highway trades, with particular concern for increasing the retention of women and people of color. This research project specifically focuses on the Knife ... Read More

designBridge: Integrating Transportation into Service Learning Design/Build Projects

Nico Larco
John Rowell
This OTREC educational project joins transportation related issues with community oriented projects through the interdisciplinary work of designBridge, a student-based organization focused on service learning design/build projects. designBridge is based in the Department of Architecture within the School of Architecture & Allied Arts at the University of Oregon. It has members from various departments including Planning, Public Policy, and Management (PPPM), Landscape Architecture, Business, ... Read More