Research Highlights

Rural Young Women Transportation Education Outreach

Roger Lindgren
Katie Edwards , William Mac Brock
Introduction The proposed pilot project would provide an experience-based, transportation focused, residential education experience to at least 20 middle and early high school aged female students. Expertise in transportation would be provided by faculty of Oregon Institute of Technology’s (OIT) Department of Civil Engineering and OIT engineering students, including those from the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Student Chapter. The proposed project team would include: Gayle ... Read More

Options for Integrating Urban Land Use and Travel Demand Models

John Gliebe
Despite a growing interest among the transportation planning community for the use of more sophisticated land use forecasting tools, agencies have been slow to adopt state-of-the-art land use modeling practices. Barriers include a multitude of different approaches to land use modeling and, in particular integrated transport-land use modeling, and a large of uncertainty involved in their development This proposal is a technology transfer project involving integrated transport-land use mode... Read More