Research Highlights

Vehicle acquisition and disposal/ Multi-modal Household Vehicle Fleets and Residential Location Choices

Roger Chen
Vehicle availability significantly affects household travel behaviors and consequently affects the requirements for modeling and forecasting of household travel decisions under future or alternative scenarios. Household vehicle fleets are not acquired instantaneously, but evolve over time as a result of fleet transactions, which include vehicle (i) disposal or retirement, (ii) replacement and (iii) acquisition decisions. Parallel to this forecasting need, is the increasing diversification of ... Read More

Application of LRFD Principles for Deep Foundations in Oregon: Phase 1

Trevor Smith
Peter Dusicka
Project Sponsor Champion: Bruce Johnson, ODOT State Bridge Engineer . The Oregon DOT has routinely relied on the use of the Wave Equation Analysis of Piles (WEAP) software to dynamically model the bridge pile driving installation operation. Either from the end of initial driving (EOID) when the pile reaches design penetration, or a later Beginning of Restrike (BOR) by the driving hammer, the ODOT has become proficient at establishing axial capacity based on WEAP results. This removed the ... Read More