Access to Opportunities: Redefining Planning Methods and Measures for Disadvantaged Populations

Arlie Adkins
Stephen Mattingly
This project will be made up of two separate studies that together will investigate areas where transportation planning and engineering can better serve disadvantaged and underserved communities. An interdisciplinary team of planning and public healt ... Read More

Evaluating Improved Transit Connections for Ladders of Opportunity

Stephen Mattingly
Yi-Chang Chiu , Sia Ardekani , Courtney Cronley , Noelle Fields
Many transit operators employ limited strategies to provide connectivity to transit, like bicycle racks on buses. This project will examine more innovative options, such as: subsidies, hybrid ride sharing business models, flexible routing, smaller tr ... Read More

Social-Transportation Analytic Toolbox (STAT) for Transit Networks

Xiaoyue Liu
Ran Wei , Aaron Golub , Liming Wang
This research project will build an open-source socio-transportation analytic (STAT) toolbox for public transit system planning, in an effort to integrate social media and general transit feed specification (GTFS) data for transit agencies in evaluat ... Read More

From Knowledge to Practice: Rethinking Streets for People on Bikes

Marc Schlossberg
John Rowell , Roger Lindgren
This project is a follow up to a highly successful previous NITC project and subsequent nationally distributed book, called “Rethinking Streets: An Evidence Based Guide to 25 Street Transformations. The success of the first book demonstrates a need ... Read More

Network effects of disruptive traffic events

Juan Medina
Xiaoyue Liu
Current traffic management strategies are based on expected conditions caused by recurring congestion (e.g. by time of day, day of week), and can be very effective when provisions are also given for reasonable variations from such expectations. Howev ... Read More

Key Enhancements to the WFRC/MAG Four-Step Travel Demand Model

Reid Ewing
Kelly Clifton , Shima Hamidi
In a National Transit Institute course on “Coordinating Land Use and Transportation,” co-taught by Robert Cervero, Uri Avin, and the PI on this project, the analytic tools session began with a hypothetical: assume that all households, jobs, and o ... Read More

Updating and Expanding LRT/BRT/SCT/CRT Data and Analysis

Arthur C. Nelson
This project will update and expand our station area databases (developed under previous NITC contracts 547, 650, and 763) to include new systems added since the late 2000s and more metropolitan areas. Under prior NITC contracts, we built station are ... Read More

Understanding Factors Affecting Arterial Reliability Performance Metrics

Avinash Unnikrishnan
Sirisha Kothuri
With worsening congestion, travel time reliability is increasingly becoming as critical as average travel times in affecting travel choices. This research project will first study the data requirements for existing travel time reliability metrics bei ... Read More

Planning in gateway and amenity communities: understanding unique challenges associated with transportation, mobility, and access to opportunity

Danya Rumore
Philip Stoker
Gateway communities (such as towns and rural areas outside of national parks) and amenity communities (such as ski resort towns) throughout the western United States and nationally face a variety of concerns associated with rapid growth and increases ... Read More

Developing Data, Models, and Tools to Enhance Transportation Equity

Amy Lubitow
Julius McGee , Raoul Liévanos
Despite recent improvements in transportation accessibility assessments and transportation survey methodologies, there are still challenges in engaging hard to reach populations in transportation surveys, such as low-income, minority, and transit-dep ... Read More

ADA Accessible Trail Improvement with Naturally Occurring, Sustainable Materials

Matthew Sleep
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides specific guidelines and requirements that must be met in terms of accessibility. However, in the case of unpaved trails, the requirements are less defined. An ADA trail must be firm, stable and sli ... Read More

Fast Track: Allowing bikes and pedestrians to participate in a smart-transportation system

Stephen Fickas
Marc Schlossberg
This project is a follow up to the NITC project, V2X: Bringing bikes into the mix. The V2X project focuses on giving bike riders the ability to make virtual calls on an actuated-signal. Specifically, we are working toward a phone app used by the rid ... Read More
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