Life-space mobility and aging in place

Ivis Garcia Zambrana
Research on older adults explores the notion of “aging in place”—providing older adults the opportunity to continue to occupy familiar surroundings, to live in their own homes and communities. But oftentimes one’s ability to stay or leave, pa ... Read More

Engaging Youth to Increase their Transportation System Support, Understanding, and Use

Autumn Shafer
Transportation system planners, such as the Portland Bureau of Transportation and TriMet, have to think about sustainable long-term visions for their transportation systems, which includes engaging today's youth as current consumers and tomorrow’s ... Read More

Evaluation Research on Respectful Workplaces in Highway Construction

Maura Kelly
Lindsey Wilkinson
Oregon Tradeswomen Inc, in partnership with Green Dot Etcetera, Oregon construction contractors, BOLI/ODOT, and PSU researchers, is piloting an adaptation of the Green Dot bystander intervention program for the highway construction trades. This progr ... Read More

Understanding Economic and Business Impacts of Street Improvements for Bicycle and Pedestrian Mobility - A Multi-City Multi-Approach Exploration [Phase 2]

Jenny Liu
Many cities across the country, as part of Complete Streets initiatives or to promote community livability and environmental sustainability, have engaged in street improvement or transportation infrastructure upgrade projects that increase access and ... Read More

Contextual Guidance at Intersections for Protected Bicycle Lanes

Christopher Monsere
Nathan McNeil
Cities around the United States are increasingly seeking to modernize and enhance their bicycling infrastructure with the aim of accommodating a greater number of people who are willing to bicycle for transportation. Cities are employing separated (o ... Read More

Project Phenom: A Smart Bike Project for grades 6-12

Stephen Fickas
The project objective is to develop a curriculum module that will allow high school and middle school students to apply concepts from the Internet of Things (specifically) and Cyber-Physical Systems (generally) to bike transportation. The module will ... Read More

Instructional Modules for Obtaining Vehicle Dynamics Data with Smartphone Sensors

Roger Lindgren
Charles (C.J.) Riley
Past NITC education grants to Oregon Tech provided funding for developing new graduate-level coursework in transportation (2014-15) and to support development of learning activities related to smartphone/ipod sensors for transportation structural hea ... Read More

Collaborative Regional Planning: Tools and techniques for teaching collaborative regional planning to enhance livability and sustainable transportation

Danya Rumore
Sarah Hinners , Divya Chandrasekhar
Communities throughout the nation face a variety of interconnected transportation, livability, and sustainability challenges that can only be effectively addressed through regional planning collaboration. This project will develop curricular materi ... Read More

Creating Livable Communities through Connecting Vehicles to Pedestrians and Cyclists

John MacArthur
Safety of pedestrians and bicyclists is a significant problem in U.S., with 4,743 fatalities and 76,000 injuries of pedestrians and 726 fatalities and 49,000 injuries of bicyclists in 2012 (NHSTA 2014a & b). Establishing and creating livable communit ... Read More

Understanding the economic impacts of urban greenway infrastructure

Jenny Liu
This project proposes a comprehensive economic analysis of the “City Greenways” concept from Portland’s 2035 Comprehensive Plan, which calls for a citywide network of park-like pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly streets crisscrossing the city at ... Read More

Incorporate Emerging Travel Modes in the Regional Strategic Planning Model (RSPM) Tool

Liming Wang
Jennifer Dill , Kelly Clifton
Performance-based planning helps local and state decision makers to understand the potential impacts of policy decisions, supporting cost-effective investments and policy choices that can help achieve policy goals. In addition, it can enable monitor ... Read More

Addressing Bicycle-Vehicle Conflicts with Alternate Signal Control Strategies

Sirisha Kothuri
Christopher Monsere , Krista Nordback , Edward Smaglik
Over the last decade there has been increased interest in promoting active and sustainable transportation modes such as bicycling and walking especially in urban areas, as a means to alleviate congestion, lower emission levels and improve personal he ... Read More
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