Are you a current NITC researcher or interested in applying for a grant? See below for project requirements, documents, and timelines.

Principal Investigators (PIs) are obligated to comply with all grant requirements, as it ensures the integrity of the project throughout the grant cycle. Successful adherence to grant obligations and past performance on budget, schedule, and project requirements will be used as a review criterion for future proposals submitted.

Please read the Principal Investigators Handbook (updated Aug 2017) prior to embarking on your project.


General Research grants require a 1.2:1 (120%) match, and all other grant programs require a 1:1 (100%) match. It is the responsibility the PI's university to document and report all matches.


NITC is required to report on the NITC National Grant (funded by the FAST Act) and NITC 16 Grant (funded by the MAP-21 Act) on a biannual basis to the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology (OST-R) at the U.S. Department of Transportation. To provide up-to-date performance information, it is therefore critical for PIs to provide comprehensive updates on the research that is being conducted with these federal funds to NITC.

PIs are responsible for submitting bi-annual progress reports using NITC's project management system (PPMS) on each of their projects until the project is complete. A project is considered complete after the final report has been approved and a final progress report has been submitted. Please mark your calendar with the following deadlines:

  • NITC National progress reports due 3/30 and 9/30. 
  • NITC 16 progress reports due 5/30 and 11/30. 

For questions about progress reports and other grant requirements, please contact the Research Program Administrator, Eva-Maria Muecke ( NITC will take project progress and progress report completion into consideration before awarding subsequent grants to PIs.

The NITC program strongly encourages communicating the results of research projects at national conferences and in refereed journals. Researchers should provide copies of all papers submitted to conferences or journals to NITC, and include appropriate attribution to NITC. Seminars, symposia, distance learning classes and any education or technology transfer activities undertaken with NITC support requires collection of metrics on numbers of transportation professionals attending. Video or streaming web archives that can be posted on the NITC web site are welcome.


No-cost extensions are due no later than 1 month prior to the end date of a project. Please fill out the form completely, sign and give to your institution’s research office for processing no later than 1 month prior to the end date of a project. NITC will only accept extension requests that have been approved by the PI’s university research office. No-cost extensions for projects are not to exceed 6 months from the date of the project award (see the award letter date). NITC is performance driven and must report annually on performance measures related to program activities. Investigators must show reportable progress throughout the life of a project, and must justify the need for no-cost extensions. 


Researchers are required to submit a final report summarizing of research activities and findings, including educational and technology transfer activities. The final report serves as the technical documentation of the research and project undertaken. The final report should conform to the NITC templates, style guidelines and cover page specifications. The draft final report must be submitted 30 days prior to the official end date of the project. The draft final report will be peer-reviewed and copy-edited during a two-month review process. Researchers are responsible for incorporating peer-review comments into the final report within 30 days (firm) after receiving the peer reviews.


Application Forms (Proposal, Budget, Data Management Plan)

Below are the forms and information needed to apply for the various NITC funding opportunities. Please make sure you use the correct form as indicated in the title of the document.

Proposal forms:

Budget Forms:

Data Management Plan:

To submit your completed proposals, sign in at Please verify that you selected the correct grant cycle prior to submitting your funding request.