Research Highlights

Bicycle and Pedestrian Engineering Design Curriculum Expansion

Ashley Haire
Bicycle and pedestrian issues are gaining nationwide attention in transportation curricula. More programs seek to offer courses specifically geared towards bicycle and pedestrian planning and design goals, although fewer than 20 known courses are currently offered at universities across the US. Most of these known courses are offered in planning departments and do not delve into engineering details of design. This report describes the development and delivery of a new bicycle and pedestrian e... Read More

Exploring the positive utility of travel and mode choice

Patrick Singleton
Traditionally, travel is considered a disutility to be minimized, and travel demand is derived from activity demand. Recently, scholars have questioned these axioms, noting that some people may like to travel, use travel time productively, find other benefits in traveling, or travel for non-utilitarian reasons. These are instances of “the positive utility of travel” (PUT). In this dissertation, I conceptually and empirically investigate PUT, its determinants, and its impacts on travel behavio... Read More