Research Highlights

Lightweight Buckling Restrained Brace Prototype Evaluation

Peter Dusicka
Buckling restrained brace (BRB) is a structural component that has been developed to provide known and repeatable strength in both tension and compression. Over the last couple ofdecades, BRBs have seen broad adoption in buildings in areas ofmoderate to high seismicity due to their predictable response and replaceability potential. However, adoption to transportation infrastructure including bridges has been lacking. Building on previous OTREC research on strengthening braces using fiber rein... Read More

Multimodal Data at Signalized Intersections: Strategies for Archiving Existing and New Data Streams to Support Operations and Planning

Christopher Monsere
Kristin Tufte
There is a growing interest in arterial system management due to the increasing amount of travel on arterials and a growing emphasis on multimodal transportation. The benefits of archiving arterial-related data are numerous. This research report describes our efforts to assemble and develop a multimodal archive for the Portland-Vancouver region. There is coverage of data sources from all modes in the metropolitan region; however, the preliminary nature of the archiving process means that some... Read More