Research Highlights

Integrated Multimodal Transportation, Air Quality, and Livability Corridor Study Phase II

Miguel Figliozzi
Christopher Monsere , Linda George
The Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System (SCATS) is used to mitigate traffic congestion along urban arterial corridors. Although there has been research on SCATS’ performance, this report combines three different areas of research about SCATS that are not known to be represented in any research literature. These include: (a) the relationship between SCATS, traffic volumes, and Transit Signal Priority (TSP); (b) between TSP and traffic conditions; and (c) the correlation between signal t... Read More

Bicycle and Pedestrian Design Curriculum Expansion

Lynn Weigand
This project broadened course offerings on bicycle and pedestrian transportation by redesigning and expanding an existing, threecredit undergraduate/graduate course into a five-credit course that includes an applied lab component. The course was open to graduate and undergraduate students in planning and engineering programs. The PI (Lynn Weigand, Ph.D., adjunct faculty) and Mia Birk, adjunct faculty course instructor, developed the course with the following learning objectives - learn princi... Read More