Research Highlights

Climate Change Impact Assessment for Surface Transportation in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska

John MacArthur
Miguel Figliozzi , Jason Ideker , Phillip Mote , Ming Lee
The states in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska region share interconnected transportation networks for people, goods, and services that support the regional economy, mobility, and human safety. Regional weather has and will continue to affect the physical condition and serviceability of these networks, yet the nature of climate changes and their potential impacts on the regional transportation system and its use are very poorly understood. The world’s leading climate scientists, such as the I... Read More

Co-Evolution of Transportation and Land Use

Lei Zhang
The interaction between land use and transportation has long been the central issue in urban and regional planning. Models of such interactions provide vital information to support many public policy decisions, such as land supply, infrastructure provision, and growth management. Both the transportation system and the land use system exhibit historical dependencies in policy decisions. For instance, the expansion of a roadway today will change travel demand patterns, and make certain other r... Read More