OTREC would like to congratulate Josh Crain and Lisa Diercksen, winners of the 2009 Oregon ITE undergraduate and graduate scholarships, respectively. Josh, a native of Oregon, is earning a BS in Civil Engineering at Portland State University and developed an interest in transportation while flying as a Load Master on C-17A cargo aircraft in the Air Force. Lisa, who has a BSCE from Iowa State University, will graduate this month with an MSCE from Portland State. Lisa will also be inducted into the Denice Dee Denton Women Engineers Hall of Fame. Both Josh and Lisa have worked as research assistants in PSUís ITS Lab. Pictured, left to right: Pam OíBrien (DKS Associates), Josh Crain, Lisa Diercksen, Chris Tiesler (Kittelson and Associates) and Bikram Raghubansh (Clackamas County).

The CSS National Dialog is currently seeking submissions of best practices in the application of Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) principles to transportation projects, programs and plans. Selected case studies will be presented at a series of one-day Workshops. Submissions are welcome from transportation agencies, planning agencies, communities and other organizations. To submit your transportation project, program or plan, visit the National Dialog Website. Submissions will be accepted until June 30, 2009. Submissions accepted in the following four categories: Implementation of CSS in Transportation Project Design and Construction, CSS in Transportation Planning, Context-Sensitive Programs for Project Delivery, and Organizational and Institutional Advancements for Systematic Implementation of CSS.

Prof Monsere represented Portland Stateís ITS Lab at the second conference on traffic management sponsored by FHWA, Office of Research and Development and USDOT Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA). The workshop was designed to help coordinate and guide research at university transportation centers (UTCs). It featured presentations from Federal staff and university researchers in adaptive signal timing, microsimulation, traffic data, intelligent infrastructure and vehicles. Robust discussion identified potential collaboration and research areas. Prof. Monsere highlighted related research by OTREC faculty. The workshop concluded with a tour of the research laboratories at the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center, which hosted the conference.

OTREC, in partnership with the Womenís Transportation Seminar Portland Chapter and Oregon Chapter of the American Planning Association, is pleased to announce the 1st Annual Oregon Transportation Summit. The event, which will include professional development opportunities for academic and practicing transportation professionals, will be held on Friday, September 11 at Portland State University. Your input is desired to shape the agenda. Please complete a short online survey to rank or suggest topics for the training and workshop sessions. If you have any other questions, please email Jon Makler.

Northeastern Universityís Peter Furth is known equally for his research in public transportation, bike planning and traffic signals. Furth brings his diverse interests to Portland for the holiday-shortened week of May 25th. On Tuesday, 5/26, there will be a seminar on his traffic signal priority work and on Wednesday, 5/27, there will be another seminar on his work regarding cycle tracks. In addition, Furth will have a variety of meetings with local transportation practitioners, including a bike tour by staff from the Portland Bureau of Transportation. The visit is co-sponsored by OTREC and IBPI. For more information about the seminars, visit PSU's Center for Transportation Studies.

Mondayís New York Times featured an article on the car-free city of Vauban, Germany. University of Oregonís Marc Schlossberg was invited to contribute to the online ìRoom for Debateî discussion that followed. In his initial entry, Dr. Schlossberg emphasizes street connectivity and the need to eliminate parking minimums. There were over 400 comments in the first 24 hours, responding to the perspectives shared by Schlossberg and six others: Witold Rybczynski, D.J. Waldie, Dolores Hayden, Christopher Leinberger, Alex Marshall and J.H. Crawford. (Photo: Martin Specht for the New York Times)

In mid-April, a group of Oregon State transportation students were led on a bike tour of Portland by alumnus Peter Koonce (Kittleson & Associates). Accompanied by one peer from Portland State, the group witnessed several design techniques that can be seen around the city: bike-only passages, left-turn lanes for bikes, traffic signals with a bike-only phase, special signage for bicyclist safety (bike boxes) and the innovative "beacon," which is a special signal designed to regulate interactions between bikes, motor vehicles and pedestrians. According to Raul Avelar, president of OSU's ITE Student Chapter, the tour had the right mix of fun and learning.

Dr. Quadrifoglio is an Assistant Professor in the Zachry Department of Civil Engineering Professor at Texas A&M University. On Friday, May 8, 2009, Dr. Quadrifoglio presented “Zoning Strategy Effect in ADA paratransit services: A Simulation Study in Los Angeles, CA” for Portland State Universityís Transportation Seminar Series. Dr. Quadrifoglio discussed paratransit demand responsive transit (DRT) complexity and routing strategies using a simulation model of the operations of DRT providers on a network based on data for DRT service in Los Angeles County . The appearance was made possible by OTRECís Visiting Scholars Program. For more information on Dr.Quadrifoglio’s research, visit his home page.

OTREC would like to congratulate PSU Professor Jennifer Dill for earning the 2009 Woman of the Year award from the WTS Portland Chapter. Professor Dill will being honored along with other award recipients at a banquet on May 14th. In addition to the award, Dill also had an article, ìBicycling for Transportation and Health: The Role of Infrastructureî published recently in the Journal of Public Health Policy.

The Spring 2009 issue of OTREC's newsletter is now available, with news from students and faculty on all four OTREC campuses. The feature article examines UO Professor Nico Larco's work on "sustainable suburbs." Also included: highlights of recently completed research reports, an interview with OSU's Jason Ideker, and updates from our student groups. Do you know what OIT is doing with the National Park Service? Did you hear how PSUís Miller Grant is addressing sustainable transportation? Are you aware of the conferences and training opportunities that will be nearby this summer? Spend your next break with the OTREC Newsletter! Please email us if you would like a hard copy or to receive email notification of future issues.