Seminar Topic Date Speaker Archive
Friday Transportation Seminar: Racial Disparities in Traffic Enforcement 11/20/2020 Mike Dolan Fliss, UNC-CH Injury Prevention Research Center
Friday Transportation Seminar: Curating Equitable Transportation 11/13/2020 Nikotris Perkins, Oregon DOT
Webinar: Bus Stops: Access and Equity 11/10/2020 Keith Bartholomew, University of Utah
Friday Transportation Seminar: At the Intersection of Safety + Race + Transportation 11/06/2020 Charlene McGee, Multnomah County
Friday Transportation Seminar: Case Studies of Travel Demand Analysis on Transport Disadvantaged Communities 10/30/2020 Tierra Bills, Wayne State University
Friday Transportation Seminar: Tribal Mobility, Accessibility and Social Equity 10/23/2020 Margo Hill, Eastern Washington University
Friday Transportation Seminar: Dignity Infused Community Engagement in Los Angeles 10/16/2020 Caro Vera, Fehr & Peers; Kevin Ocubillo, LADOT
Friday Transportation Seminar: Biking While Black: How Planning Contributes to Unjust Policing 10/09/2020 Jesus Barajas, UC Davis
Webinar: Economic and Business Outcomes of Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements 10/06/2020 Jenny Liu, Portland State University
Webinar: A National Scan of Bike Share Equity Programs: Best Practices and Lessons Learned 09/16/2020 Nathan McNeil and John MacArthur, Portland State University; Adriel Thornton, MoGo Detroit
Cancelled: Student Study Abroad 2020: Sustainable Transportation in the Netherlands 06/21/2020 John MacArthur, Portland State University
Cancelled: Professional Study Abroad 2020: Active Transportation in the Netherlands 06/21/2020 Nick Falbo, City of Portland; John MacArthur, Portland State University
Webinar: Findings From 15 Years Of Travel Surveys At Portland Area Transit-oriented Developments (TODs) 06/02/2020 Jennifer Dill and Nathan McNeil, Portland State University
Friday Transportation Seminar: Understanding Technology-Based Exclusion in Emerging Smart Mobility Systems 05/22/2020 John MacArthur and Aaron Golub, Portland State University
Webinar: Natural Pozzolans in the Pacific Northwest and their Beneficial Uses 05/19/2020 Matthew Sleep, Oregon Institute of Technology
Friday Transportation Seminar (PBOT Edition): Safe Speeds Save Lives: How Portland is Managing Speeds for Safety 05/15/2020 Matt Kelly, Portland Bureau of Transportation
Webinar: Connected Vehicle System Design for Signalized Arterials 05/12/2020 Xianfeng (Terry) Yang, University of Utah
Webinar: Visual Exploration of Trajectory Data 04/07/2020 Nikola Markovic, University of Utah; Mark Franz, University of Maryland CATT Lab; Seth Miller, University of Utah
Webinar: When Growth Outpaces Infrastructure: A Community-Engaged Assessment of Transportation Gaps 03/17/2020 Jandel Crutchfield and Kate Hyun, University of Texas at Arlington
Cancelled: Friday Transportation Seminar: Grassroots Transportation Politics in Bremen and Berlin: A Matter of Environmental Justice 03/13/2020 Anne Kirkham, Berlin Institute of Technology
Friday Transportation Seminar (PBOT Edition): The Southwest Corridor Light Rail Project 02/28/2020 Fiona Cundy, TriMet; Patrick Sweeney, PBOT
Friday Transportation Seminar (Double Feature): E-Grocery Home Delivery and the Freight & Travel Demands of Multifamily Dwellings 02/14/2020 Katherine Keeling and Gabby Abou-Zeid, Portland State University
Webinar: New Travel Demand Modeling for our Evolving Mobility Landscape 02/11/2020 Reid Ewing and Sadegh Sabouri, University of Utah
Webinar: Assessing the Impacts of New Mobility on Cities 01/22/2020 Becky Steckler and Rebecca Lewis, University of Oregon
Friday Transportation Seminar: Bicycling Toward Equity: Opportunities, Barriers, and Policies for Vulnerable Groups 01/17/2020 Jennifer Dill and John MacArthur, Portland State University