Transportation Webinars

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One of the ways in which we seek to inform transportation decision making is through the education of current and future transportation professionals. To that end, we host one or more webinars per month, covering a wide range of research topics that serve livable communities:

Bicycles and Pedestrians; Integration of Transportation and Land Use; Electric Vehicles; Environment; Infrastructure; Safety; Intelligent Transportation Systems; Planning and Economics; and Transit

These webinars are supported by a variety of grants and partners, primarily funded by our National Institute for Transportation and Communities (NITC) - one of five University Transportation Centers (UTC) of the U.S. Department of Transportation. All of our webinars are provided to the public for free, and they are recorded and archived on our site for anyone to access.

Upcoming Webinars

Topic Time and Date Speaker Cost Credit
Webinar: Evaluating Urban Arterial Reliability Performance Metrics 10 am Tuesday, November 19 Jason Anderson, Portland State University Free PDH: 1 | AICP: 1
Webinar: Letting Bike Riders Catch the Green Wave 10 am Tuesday, December 03 Stephen Fickas, University of Oregon Free PDH: 1 | AICP: 1

Recent Webinars

Topic Date Speaker Archive
Webinar: Contextual Guidance at Intersections for Protected Bicycle Lanes Oct 08, 2019 Chris Monsere and Nathan McNeil, Portland State University
Webinar: Social Transportation Analytic Toolbox (STAT) for Transit Networks Sep 04, 2019 Xiaoyue (Cathy) Liu, University of Utah
Webinar: The Effects of Ride-hailing on Parking Demand and Revenues Aug 06, 2019 Anne Brown and Benjamin Clark, University of Oregon
Webinar: Aging in Place: Improving Mobility for Older Adults Jul 24, 2019 Alan DeLaTorre, Portland State University; Ivis Garcia Zambrana and Ja Young Kim, University of Utah
Webinar: Engaging Youth to Choose Car-Free Mobility May 22, 2019 Autumn Shafer, University of Oregon