Principal Investigator Project Title
End Date
Nathan McNeil New Mobility For All: Can Targeted Information And Incentives Help Underserved Communities Realize The Potential Of Emerging Mobility Options? 2022-03-31
Philip Baiden Examining the Impact of Transportation- Related Barriers on Self-Perceived Physical Health among Adults in the United States 2021-08-31
Siyang Cao Development of Intelligent Multimodal Traffic Monitoring using Radar Sensor at Intersections 2021-08-22
Sheida Khademi Modeling Capacity: Multiple Weaving Areas 2021-08-20
Yao-Jan Wu Data-Driven Mobility Strategies for Multimodal Transportation 2021-07-31
Stephen Fickas Green Waves, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics: Making Streets Better for People on Bikes 2021-05-31
Aaron Golub Applying an Equity Lens to Automated Payment Solutions for Public Transportation 2021-05-31
Joey Iuliano Pedal the Old Pueblo: A Naturalistic Study on Bicycling in Tucson, AZ 2021-05-31
Abbas Rashidi Evaluating Mobility Impacts Of Construction Workzones On Utah Transportation System Using Machine Learning Techniques 2021-05-31
Sarah Leat Identifying and Measuring Transportation Challenges for Survivors in Intimate Partner Violence Shelters 2021-05-10
Shiloh Deitz Free Movement: Enhancing Open Data to Facilitate Independent Travel for Persons with Disabilities 2021-03-31
Dyana Mason The Impact of Ride Hail Services on the Accessibility of Nonprofit Services 2021-01-31
Marc Schlossberg Rethinking Streets for Physical Distancing 2021-01-31
Travis Glick Methodologies to Quantify Transit Performance Metrics at the System-Level 2020-12-31
Xiaoyue Liu Bi-objective Optimization for Battery Electric Bus Deployment Considering Cost and Environmental Equity 2020-12-31
John MacArthur National Scan of Bike Share Equity Programs 2020-12-31
December Maxwell Maternal Mental Health and Keetoowah Women: Past, Present, and Future 2020-12-31
Arthur C. Nelson Transit Impacts on Jobs, People and Real Estate 2020-11-30
Steven Howland Suburban Black Poverty in East Portland: The Role of Transportation in Making Ends Meet 2020-08-20
Keith Bartholomew The Connection between Investments in Bus Stops, Ridership, and ADA Accessibility 2020-06-30
Benjamin Clark Investigating Effects of TNCs on Parking Demand and Revenues 2020-05-29
Courtney Crosson Urban Transportation System Flood Vulnerability Assessment with Special Reference to Low Income and Minority Neighborhoods 2020-05-15
Reid Ewing Reducing VMT, Encouraging Walk Trips, and Facilitating Efficient Trip Chains through Polycentric Development 2020-03-31
Randy Morris S.T.E.A.M. TRAINing: Engaging High School Girls in Transportation and Equity Issues through GIS 2019-12-31
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