Principal Investigator Project Title
End Date
Nathan McNeil Launching the Wasatch Transportation Academy 2022-12-31
Anne Nordberg Toward Data and Solution-Focused Approaches to Support Homeless Populations on Public Transit 2022-12-31
Danya Rumore Rural Gentrification and the Spillover Effect: Integrated Transportation, Housing, and Land Use Challenges and Strategies in Gateway Communities 2022-12-31
Liu-Qin Yang Do Travel Costs Matter For Persons With Lower Incomes? Using Psychological and Social Equity Perspectives to Evaluate the Effects of a Low-Income Transit Fare Program on Low-Income Riders 2022-12-31
Xiaoyue Cathy Liu Enabling Decision-Making in Battery Electric Bus Deployment through Interactive Visualization 2022-11-30
Charles (C.J.) Riley Applying a Mt. Mazama Volcanic Ash Treatment as a Trail Accessibility Improvement 2022-10-30
John MacArthur How Can E-bike Purchase Incentives Grow the E-bike Market? 2022-09-30
Kelly Clifton Accessing Opportunities for Household Provisioning Post-COVID-19 2022-06-30
Amanda Howell Using Maps and Online Tools to Operationalize Equity in Shared Mobility Services 2022-06-30
Taylor Li Pedestrian Behavior Study to Advance Pedestrian Safety in Smart Transportation Systems Using Innovative LIDAR Sensors 2022-06-30
Martin Swobodzinski Pedestrian Wayfinding Under Consideration of Visual Impairment, Blindness, and Deafblindness: A Mixed-Method Investigation Into Individual Experiences and Supporting Elements 2022-06-30
Avinash Unnikrishnan Statistical Inference for Multimodal Travel Time Reliability 2022-04-30
Divya Chandrasekhar Assessing Economic Impact of Disaster-Induced Transportation Disruptions Using A University Community Partnership Framework 2022-03-31
Nathan McNeil New Mobility For All: Can Targeted Information And Incentives Help Underserved Communities Realize The Potential Of Emerging Mobility Options? 2022-03-31
Kate Hyun Developing Strategies To Enhance Mobility And Accessibility For Community-Dwelling Older Adults 2022-02-28
Joowon Im GIS Training in Transportation And Environmental Justice for Promoting Student Success in STEAM Education 2022-02-28
Sarah Canham Understanding the Impact of Decentralizing Homeless Services on Transportation and Mobility in Salt Lake County 2022-02-15
Jianqiang Cheng Data-Driven Optimization for E-Scooter System Design 2022-01-31
Reid Ewing Is Transit-Oriented Development Affordable for Low and Moderate Income Households? 2021-12-31
Anne Brown Mobility for the People: Evaluating Equity Requirements in Shared Mobility Programs 2021-12-01
Kristina Currans Scooting to a New Era in Active Transportation: Examining the Use and Safety of E-Scooters 2021-09-30
Sirisha Kothuri Exploring Data Fusion Techniques to Estimate Network-Wide Bicycle Volumes 2021-09-30
Philip Baiden Examining the Impact of Transportation- Related Barriers on Self-Perceived Physical Health among Adults in the United States 2021-08-31
Siyang Cao Development of Intelligent Multimodal Traffic Monitoring using Radar Sensor at Intersections 2021-08-22
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