Expanding Transmobilities: An Art-Informed Methodology For Genderdiverse Travel Behavior

Nicholas Puczkowskyj
There is a significant gendered travel behavior research gap in the transportation literature. A plethora of transportation literature identifying and contrasting cisgender disparities exists, but more inclusive approaches to genderdiverse identities ... Read More

Machine Learning and Big Data-Based Approaches for Quality Freeway Volumes

Adrian Cottam
Traffic volumes are essential for the operation of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and for use in performance metrics for Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO). Maintaining high quality freeway volumes is paramount to ensur ... Read More

Exploring the Use of Crowdsourced Data Sources for Pedestrian Count Estimations

Sirisha Kothuri
Nathan McNeil , Kate Hyun , Stephen Mattingly
Counts provide the foundation for measuring nonmotorized travel along a link or a network and are also useful for monitoring trends, planning new infrastructure, and for conducting safety, health, and economic analyses. For safety analysis, they are ... Read More

Equity Perspective in Transportation Planning

Jandel Crutchfield
The “Equity Perspective in Transportation Planning” proposal is to develop a module/session that familiarizes students with the historical and structural processes that fuel unequal transportation access and mobility for communities today. It is ... Read More

Tools and resources for gateway communities

Danya Rumore
Philip Stoker
For the last five years, our team has been studying the planning and development challenges of small towns and cities near national parks, public lands, and other natural amenities. Our prior and ongoing NITC funded research shows that these “gatew ... Read More

Deploy LiDAR systems at intersections to improve equitable mobility

Taylor Li
Stephen Mattingly
In this project, the researchers will develop a series of technology transfer materials and plan to facilitate to deploy the research findings out of a NITC-funded project titled “Pedestrian Behavior Study to Advance Pedestrian Safety in Smart Tran ... Read More

Toward Automating the Measurement of Urban Design Qualities Related to Walkability

S. Hassan Ameli
Streets are one of the most significant elements of urban spaces to accommodate public activity and provide access to numerous locations and services. Today, our cities face various challenges, including urban sprawl, air pollution, and obesity. To ... Read More

Unsupervised Approach to Investigate Urban Traffic Crashes Based on Crash Unit, Crash Severity, and Manner of Collision

Farzin Maniei
Stephen Mattingly
Both crash frequency analysis (CFA) and real-time crash prediction models (RTCPMs) typically divide a highway into segments with a constant length for data aggregation. Despite the significant impact of the segment length in several previous traffic ... Read More

Housing Choice, Transportation Equity, and Access to Opportunities in Refugee and Immigrant Communities

Diane Mitschke
Anne Nordberg , Stephen Mattingly
Mobility directly impacts access to opportunities for all protected classes; however, transportation planning and public transit agencies and housing authorities rarely coordinate affordable housing and the transportation system planning decisions. T ... Read More

Transportation for Seniors (T4S): Developing a New Accessibility Measure to Support Older Adults in a Post-Pandemic World

Andy Hong
Xiaoyue Cathy Liu
Accessibility plays a fundamental role in the day-to-day lives of individuals. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the gross inequality in older people’s accessibility to health care and essential services. Months of staying inside, with ... Read More

Understanding Connections Between Mobility, Transportation, And Quality Of Life In Refugee Communities In Tucson, Arizona

Orhon Myadar
Nicole Iroz-Elardo , Arlie Adkins , Maia Ingram
Refugee issues have been brought to the forefront of political and public debate in recent years. Although historically the U.S. has resettled more refugees than any other country, the refugee admission cap has dropped to the lowest since the enactme ... Read More

App-based Data Collection to Characterize Latent Transportation Demand within Marginalized and Underserved Populations

Noelle Fields
Stephen Mattingly , David Levine , Nicole Iroz-Elardo , Courtney Cronley
This interdisciplinary, multi-site, technology transferability study will advance innovative methods in travel data collection and improve the quality of data designed to show latent travel demand, as well as the impacts of mobility on the physical, ... Read More
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