Seminar Topic Date Speaker Archive
Adapting Our Transportation System to Climate Change 03/05/2010 Ashley Haire, PhD, Senior Research Associate, Civil Engineering, PSU
Where do we go from here? Changing the state of the practice of pedestrian demand modeling 02/26/2010 Kelly Clifton, PhD, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering, PSU
Innovative Solutions for OR 217 02/19/2010 Randy McCourt, President, DKS Associates
Transit Oriented Development 2.0 02/12/2010 Rick Willson, PhD, Professor, Cal Poly Pomona
PlanSafe - Transportation Safety Planning: Forecasting the Safety Impacts in Socio-Demographic Changes and Safety Countermeasures 02/05/2010 Ida van Schalkwyk, PhD, Faculty Associate, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Oregon State University
European Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning (Scan Tour Report) 01/29/2010 Ed Fischer, P.E., State Traffic Engineer, Oregon DOT
Health Benefits of Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in our Transportation System 01/22/2010 Mel Rader, Co-Director, Upstream Public Health
Linking Fuel Prices, Transportation, Land Use and Economic Activity: A Review of Empirical Findings 01/15/2010 Hongwei Dong, PhD Student, School of Urban Studies and Planning, PSU
Regional Implications of the Federal Livability Initiative 01/08/2010 Rick Krochalis, Administrator, Region X, FTA
Initial Assessment of Portland's Green Bike Boxes 12/04/2009 Jennifer Dill and Chris Monsere, PSU
Adventures in DC: Getting Washington Perspectives on Transportation Research, Finance, and Policy 11/20/2009 Tony Rufolo, PSU
The Power and Value of 'Green' in Promoting Sustainable Travel Behaviors 11/13/2009 Joan Walker, UC Berkeley
My Year at AASHTO 11/06/2009 Joel McCarroll, ODOT
The Multi-Tasking Driver: Are We Being Driven to Distraction? 10/30/2009 David Strayer, University of Utah
Economic Value of Walkability 10/23/2009 Joe Cortright, Vice President/Economist, Impresa, Inc.
Urban Form and Traffic Safety: Examining the Design and Developmental Factors that Influence Crash Incidence 10/16/2009 Eric Dumbaugh, Texas A&M
Bio-Composites for West Coast Highways 10/09/2009 Lech Muszynski, Associate Professor, Department of Wood Science and Engineering, Oregon State University
Creating a City of Cyclists: What We Can Learn from Copenhagen 10/02/2009 Niels Jensen, City of Copenhagen Traffic and Road Department
Upsides of the current economic downturn: Changes in vehicle fuel economy, amount of driving, vehicle emissions, and road fatalities 07/10/2009 Michael Sivak, Ph.D., University of Michigan, Transportation Research Institute
Emerging types of private vehicles and their implications for road system management 06/25/2009 Geoff Rose, Director, Institute of Transport Studies, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Monash University, Melbourne Australia
Building the London Cycle Network - 900km of Fast, Safe, and Comfortable Bike Routes 06/15/2009 Steve Cardno, London Cycle Network Project Manager
Imbalances in Lane Change Accommodation Time and Lasting Disturbances 06/12/2009 Dr. Benjamin Coifman, Associate Professor, Ohio State University
Pedaling Revolution: How Cyclists Are Changing American Cities 06/05/2009 Jeff Mapes, senior political reporter for The Oregonian
Parking in Suburban Downtowns: A Case Study of Kirkland, WA 05/29/2009 Ken Dueker, Professor Emeritus, PSU, Center for Urban Studies
Cycle Tracks and Bicycle Priority Lanes: More Tools to Serve Traffic Intolerant Riders 05/27/2009 Peter Furth, Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Northeastern University