Seminar Topic Date Speaker Archive
What are Models? Learning to Love Modeling and the Challenges it Brings 04/06/2012 Rick Donnelly, Parsons Brinckerhoff
Bikes, Bodies, and Public Space: The Role of Human Infrastructure in Urban Transport 03/16/2012 Adonia Lugo, UC Irvine
Car Sharing Trends 03/09/2012 Steve Gutmann, Getaround
Freight Rail and Everyday Emergencies: Preparing for and Responding to Frequent Events such as Landslides and Floods 03/02/2012 Brock Nelson, Union Pacific Railroad
Driving to the Tragedy of the Commons Using a Diesel Engine 02/24/2012 Kevin Downing, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
Making the Connections Between Air Quality, Transportation, Energy, and Climate: A Southern California Case Study 02/17/2012 Peter Greenwald, Senior Policy Advisor, South Coast Air Quality Management District
Metro's Dynamic Traffic Assignment Model 02/10/2012 Peter Bosa, Transportation Modeler, Portland Metro
A review of case studies exploring pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users' exposure to particulate matter in Portland 02/03/2012 Alex Bigazzi, Miguel Figliozzi, Portland State University
Sustaining a Transportation Legacy from the 2010 Olympic Winter Games 01/27/2012 Dale Bracewell, Manager of Active Transportation, Vancouver, B.C.
TRB Showcase of Portland State University student research in transportation: Part 2 01/20/2012 Adam Moore, Alex Bigazzi, Carl Olson, Kristi Currans (PSU)
TRB Showcase of Portland State University student research in transportation: Part 1 01/13/2012 Wei Feng, Sirisha Kothuri, Brian Davis (PSU)
Identifying Market Segments based on Observed Travel and Activity Patterns 12/02/2011 Roger Chen, Ph.D., Portland State University
Traffic Safety Engineering at Wisconsin: Using Traditional Methodologies with Full-Scale Driving Simulation to Advance Roadway Safety 11/18/2011 David A. Noyce, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Coal, Trains and the Clean Air Act: Demand Analysis of the Ohio River Basin 11/04/2011 Wesley W. Wilson, University of Oregon
Student, Practitioner, and Faculty Context and Understanding of Sight Distance and Stopping Sight Distance 10/28/2011 Shane Brown, Washington State University
Lessons from Utrecht: Connecting Bicycle and Rail Networks 10/21/2011 Ronald Tamse, City of Utrecht (Netherlands)
“Gasless and Cashless take a Toll” – Sustainable and Non-stop mobility through User Fees 10/14/2011 Christopher R Garlick, P.E., PMP, CSEP, Atkins North America, Toll Operations Program
Making Healthy Places: Designing and Building for Health, Well-being, and Sustainability 10/07/2011 Andrew Dannenberg, MD, MPH, University of Washington and Center for Disease Control
Emerging Trends in Developing and Implementing Bicycle Master Plans – The Seattle Example 09/30/2011 Peter Lagerway, Toole Design Group
Can Congestion Mitigation Reduce Emissions? 06/03/2011 Alex Bigazzi, Portland State University
Demonstrating the Benefits of Sustainable Streets for Active Aging 05/27/2011 Margaret Neal, Jennifer Dill, Arlie Adkins, Gretchen Luhr; Portland State University
TOD in 3D: How Transit Oriented is the Portland Region? 05/20/2011 Christopher Yake, Metro
Driveway Design: Lessons from an NCHRP Project 05/17/2011 Jim Gattis, Professor of Engineering at the University of Arkansas
The Sustainable City Year: A new model for multidisciplinary and applied transportation education 05/13/2011 Nico Larco, University of Oregon
How Do People Choose a Travel Mode? Factors Associated with Routine Walking & Bicycling 05/06/2011 Robert Schneider, UC Berkeley