Seminar Topic Date Speaker Archive
Where Do People Bicycle? The Role of Infrastructure in Determining Bicycling Behavior 05/16/2008 Jennifer Dill, Associate Professor, School of Urban Studies and Planning, PSU
Long Before Airline Deregulation 05/09/2008 Alan R. Bender, Associate Professor of Aeronautics, Worldwide Campus, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, FL
Transit-Oriented Development: Findings from Recent Research 05/02/2008 GB Arrington, Principal Practice Leader, PB PlaceMaking and Jennifer Dill, PSU
Older Drivers in Oregon: Factors Associated with Continuing or Ceasing to Drive 04/25/2008 Margaret Neal, Director, Institute on Aging, Portland State University
Traffic Choices Study: Findings from a Road Pricing Experiment 04/18/2008 Matthew Kitchen, Puget Sound Regional Council
Behavioral Responses to Oregon's Mileage Fee Experiment 04/11/2008 Anthony Rufolo, Professor, Urban Studies and Planning, Portland State University
200th Seminar! Travel Time Estimation for Traffic Management and Traveler Information 04/04/2008 Robert L. Bertini, Portland State University
Children's School Travel 03/14/2008 Yizhao Yang, Assistant Professor, Planning, Public Policy & Management, University of Oregon
Taming the Dragon: Reducing the Climate Impact of the Transportation System 03/07/2008 Lewison Lem, Principal Consultant, PB
Sustainable Urban Logistics: SeuLo 02/29/2008 Erkki Timmerbacka, Senior Consultant, Establish United Logistics Group (Finland Oy)
Transportation Careers: Working Together to Move Forward 02/22/2008 Brian Ray and Jamie Parks, Kittelson and Associates, Inc.
Where the Rubber Leaves the Road: A Snapshot of Two Current Efforts to Manage Parking Issues in Regional Centers 02/15/2008 Marc Guichard, Metro
Strategies for Operating Closely Spaced Traffic Signals 02/08/2008 Zong Tian, Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Nevada, Reno
An Analysis of the Efficiency of Urban Commercial Vehicle Tours 02/01/2008 Miguel Figliozzi, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Portland State University
Portland Aerial Tram Update 01/25/2008 Art Pearce, Project Manager, City of Portland, Office of Transportation
Psychological Insights on Transportation Mode Choice 01/18/2008 Brent Zenobia, PSU Adjunct Professor of Software Engineering
Bicycling in London: Innovations, Outreach, and Progress 01/11/2008 Steve Durrant, Alta Planning + Design
The Wheels of Fortune: Weather Prophet Pague, Governor Geer, & Portland's Original Network of Cycle Paths 11/30/2007 Eric Lundgren, Fortunaerota
Transit's Dirty Little Secret: Analyzing Patterns of Transit Use 11/16/2007 Brian Taylor, Professor, Urban Planning, University of California, Los Angeles
Urban Roadside Safety -- Is There Anything We Can Do To Improve Safety Performance? 11/09/2007 Karen Dixon, Associate Professor, School of Civil and Construction Engineering, Oregon State University
Portland's Green Dividend 11/02/2007 Joe Cortright, Vice President/Economist, Impresa, Inc.
Transportation Infrastructure Investment: Past, Present and Future 10/26/2007 Congressman Earl Blumenauer
BridgeStories 10/19/2007 Sharon Wood Wortman, author of The Portland Bridge Book
Freight Railroad Capacity Alternatives in the Pacific Northwest: An Analysis of Class I Cooperation in the Columbia River Corridor 10/12/2007 Zachary Horowitz, David Evans & Associates
On-line Calibration for Dynamic Traffic Assignment 10/05/2007 Constantinos Antoniou, National Technical University of Athens, Greece