Seminar Topic Date Speaker Archive
Freight Railroad Capacity Alternatives in the Pacific Northwest: An Analysis of Class I Cooperation in the Columbia River Corridor 10/12/2007 Zachary Horowitz, David Evans & Associates
On-line Calibration for Dynamic Traffic Assignment 10/05/2007 Constantinos Antoniou, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
Promoting Safe Walking and Cycling to Improve Public Health: Lessons from Europe 09/28/2007 John Pucher, Professor, Rutgers University
SPECIAL SEMINAR: News from the ITS America Annual Meeting, hosted by ITS Oregon 06/15/2007 Jon Makler, Dean Deeter, Galen McGill
Spatial Analysis of Bicycling Behavior; Parking at Transit-oriented Multi-family Housing 06/08/2007 Kim Voros and Joe Recker, PSU MURP candidates
Travel Time Reliability; Pedestrian Crossing Behavior 06/01/2007 Kate Lyman and Delia Chi, PSU MURP candidates
Bicycle & Pedestrian Overcrossings; Carsharing Payment Integration 05/25/2007 Rory Renfro and Max Coffman, PSU MURP candidates
Using a GPS Panel to Evaluate Travel Behavior Changes 05/18/2007 Peter Stopher, Professor of Transport Planning, Institute of Transport & Logistics Studies, University of Sydney
Socio-economic Impacts of a Vehicle-Mile Tax 05/11/2007 B. Starr McMullen, Professor of Economics and Agricultural and Resource Economics, Oregon State University
Bicycling in Davis, CA : A Critical Look at Policy and Behavior in the First Platinum Bicycle City in the U.S. 05/04/2007 Susan Handy, Professor, UC Davis
Combining Climate, Crash, and Highway Data for Improved Ranking of Speed and Winter-Weather Related Crash Locations in Oregon 04/27/2007 Christopher Monsere, Assistant Professor, Portland State University
Portland SmartTrips: Results from the Northeast Hub project 04/20/2007 Dan Bower, City of Portland Department of Transportation, Transportation Options Policy Group
Making Transportation Concurrency More Multimodal: Lessons from Washington and Florida. 04/13/2007 Ruth Steiner, Associate Professor, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Florida
Development of the Bellevue Real Time Arterial Traffic Flow Map 04/06/2007 Fred Liang, P.E., City of Bellevue, Washington
PORTAL: Lessons from Developing an Archived Data User Service in Portland, Oregon 03/16/2007 Robert L. Bertini, Portland State University and the PORTAL Team
Where Transportation is Going: Transportation in the CLIOS System Era 03/09/2007 Joseph M. Sussman, JR East Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Engineering Systems, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Microsimulating Land Development with the Land Use Scenario DevelopeR (LUSDR) 03/02/2007 Brian Gregor, Oregon Department of Transportation
State and Federal Freight Issues 02/23/2007 Julie F. Rodwell, Freight Mobility Section Manager, Oregon Department of Transportation
The Portland Mall Revitalization: Designing a Great Street 02/16/2007 Bob Hastings, TriMet Project Architect, and Brian McCarter, ZGF Portland Mall Project Architect
Air Quality: Toxics and Transportation 02/09/2007 Gregg Lande, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
The High Cost of Free Parking 02/02/2007 Donald Shoup, Professor, Urban Planning, UCLA
Factors Affecting Bicycling Demand: Initial Survey Findings from Portland Region 01/26/2007 Jennifer Dill and Kim Voros, Portland State University
How Portland is Taking America Back to the Future: the National Streetcar Movement and the Changing Urban Landscape 01/19/2007 Charlie Hales, HDR, Inc.
Supply Chain Environmental Performance: Analysis and Optimization 01/12/2007 Kumar Venkat, Surya Technologies, Inc.
Tight Diamond Interchange Versus Single Point Urban Interchange: Lessons Learned 12/01/2006 Jonathan Abuyan, Washington State Department of Transportation