Seminar Topic Date Speaker Archive
Webinar: When Growth Outpaces Infrastructure: A Community-Engaged Assessment of Transportation Gaps 03/17/2020 Jandel Crutchfield and Kate Hyun, University of Texas at Arlington
Cancelled: Friday Transportation Seminar: Grassroots Transportation Politics in Bremen and Berlin: A Matter of Environmental Justice 03/13/2020 Anne Kirkham, Berlin Institute of Technology
Friday Transportation Seminar (PBOT Edition): The Southwest Corridor Light Rail Project 02/28/2020 Fiona Cundy, TriMet; Patrick Sweeney, PBOT
Friday Transportation Seminar (Double Feature): E-Grocery Home Delivery and the Freight & Travel Demands of Multifamily Dwellings 02/14/2020 Katherine Keeling and Gabby Abou-Zeid, Portland State University
Webinar: New Travel Demand Modeling for our Evolving Mobility Landscape 02/11/2020 Reid Ewing and Sadegh Sabouri, University of Utah
Webinar: Assessing the Impacts of New Mobility on Cities 01/22/2020 Becky Steckler and Rebecca Lewis, University of Oregon
Friday Transportation Seminar: Bicycling Toward Equity: Opportunities, Barriers, and Policies for Vulnerable Groups 01/17/2020 Jennifer Dill and John MacArthur, Portland State University
Webinar: Letting Bike Riders Catch the Green Wave 12/12/2019 Stephen Fickas and Marc Schlossberg, University of Oregon
Friday Transportation Seminar: Exploring the Transportation and Land Use Impacts of E-Commerce 12/06/2019 Amanda Howell, Project Manager, Urbanism Next, University of Oregon
Friday Transportation Seminar: Building Healthy Communities Through Seattle's Growth Policy 11/22/2019 Dongho Chang, City of Seattle
Webinar: Evaluating Urban Arterial Reliability Performance Metrics 11/19/2019 Jason Anderson, Portland State University
Friday Transportation Seminar: From Confrontation to Partnership: City Regulation of Micromobility 11/15/2019 William Henderson, Ride Report
Friday Transportation Seminar: PDX Next: Redesigning Portland International Airport 11/08/2019 Sean Loughran and Mike Coleman, Port of Portland
Friday Transportation Seminar (PBOT Edition): Next Steps for Portland’s Neighborhood Greenways 11/01/2019 Scott Cohen, Portland Bureau of Transportation
Friday Transportation Seminar: Equity and Congestion Pricing 10/25/2019 Michael Manville, University of California, Los Angeles
Friday Transportation Seminar: Walking Research and Opportunities from the National Cancer Institute 10/18/2019 David Berrigan, National Institutes of Health
Friday Transportation Seminar: The Safe System Approach: Considerations for Developing a Multi-Layered System 10/11/2019 Offer Grembek, Safe Transportation Research and Education Center (SafeTREC)
Webinar: Contextual Guidance at Intersections for Protected Bicycle Lanes 10/08/2019 Chris Monsere and Nathan McNeil, Portland State University
Friday Transportation Seminar: Transforming an Urban 'Burb: Transportation Innovations in Vancouver, Washington 10/04/2019 Anna Dearman, City of Vancouver, Washington
Friday Transportation Seminar (PBOT Edition): Our Young People and the Gateway to Opportunity 09/27/2019 Jonnie Ling, Community Cycling Center
Transportation & Communities Summit 2019 09/19/2019
Webinar: Social Transportation Analytic Toolbox (STAT) for Transit Networks 09/04/2019 Xiaoyue (Cathy) Liu, University of Utah
Friday Transportation Seminar: The Datafication of Cycling – Effects and Opportunities at the Intersection of Industry and Transport Policy 08/16/2019 Shaun Williams, School of Applied Social Science, Brighton University
Webinar: The Effects of Ride-hailing on Parking Demand and Revenues 08/06/2019 Anne Brown and Benjamin Clark, University of Oregon
Webinar: Aging in Place: Improving Mobility for Older Adults 07/24/2019 Alan DeLaTorre, Portland State University; Ivis Garcia Zambrana and Ja Young Kim, University of Utah