Seminar Topic Date Speaker Archive
Portland's Transportation System Plan: Major Themes and Outcomes 05/30/2003 Courtney Duke and Jeanne Harrison, City of Portland, Office of Transportation
From Welfare to Work: The Portland Regional Job Access Program 05/23/2003 Dan Marchand, Master of Urban and Regional Planning, Portland State University
TravelSmart in Multnomah Village -- Early Results 05/16/2003 Courtney Kulyk, SocialData and Lavinia Gordon, City of Portland Office of Transportation, Transportation Options
PLACE3S: A GIS Application For Community and Regional Planning 05/09/2003 Sam Seskin, Parsons Brinckerhoff Quade & Douglas, Inc.
Rails-with-trails: issues related to safety, design, planning, and implementation of trails next to active railway lines 05/02/2003 Mia Birk, Principal, Alta Planning + Design
Modeling Oregon's Bridge Investment Options 04/25/2003 Tara Weidner, Senior Planner, Parsons Brinckerhoff Quade & Douglas, Inc.
Developing a Vision for a 10-year National Intelligent Transportation Systems Program Plan 04/18/2003 C. Michael Walton, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Texas
Leveraging Technology to Reshape Transportation Planning 04/11/2003 Michael J. Shiffer, Vice President, Planning & Development, Chicago Transit Authority and Associate Professor, Urban Planning & Policy, University of Illinois, Chicago
Applying Economic Considerations to Transportation Planning and Investments 04/04/2003 David Bragdon, Metro Council President
Research Program and Repair Plan for Oregon's Deteriorating Reinforced Concrete Deck-Girder Bridges 03/14/2003 Christopher Higgins, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Oregon State University
Anatomy of a Bike Network: How Did Portland Get From 65 Miles of Bikeways in 1993 to 250 Miles Today? 03/07/2003 Mia Birk, Principal, Alta Planning + Design
Bicycle Commuting in Portland: Evidence from 1990, 1996 and 2000 02/28/2003 Mauricio LeClerc, Master of Urban and Regional Planning, Portland State University
Streets For Everyone: Making the Public Right-of-Way Accessible 02/21/2003 Ellen Vanderslice, America Walks
Recent Research on the Transformation of Oregon's Gasoline Tax Into a Road User Fee System 02/14/2003 Tony Rufolo, Urban Studies & Planning and Robert Bertini, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Portland State University
Habitat Fragmentation and Wildlife Connectivity: Transportation's Impacts and Solutions 02/07/2003 Mary Gray, Federal Highway Administration, Olympia, Washington
From Holland With Love - Will Dutch Bicycle and Pedestrian Treatments Work in Oregon? 01/31/2003 Michael Ronkin, Oregon Department of Transportation and Todd Boulanger, City of Vancouver
Creating, Sharing and Updating Regional, State and National Transportation Framework (Centerline) Data Geometry 01/24/2003 Paul Bender, Ph.D. Candidate, Portland State University School of Urban Studies and Planning
Point-Counterpoint Discussion on Rail Transit 01/17/2003 Rick Gustafson, Shiels Obletz Johnsen and Professor Gerry Mildner, Portland State University School of Urban Studies and Planning
Bus Rapid Transit: The New Mode of the Month 01/10/2003 G. Scott Rutherford, Professor and Chair, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Washington
Planning for Commuter Rail in Washington County 12/06/2002 Joe Walsh, TriMet
Using ITS to Improve Travel in the I-5 South/Barbur Corridor 11/22/2002 Bill Kloos, Traffic Signals/Street Lighting/ITS Division Manager, City of Portland Office of Transportation
Strategic Planning for Initial Attack of Forest Fires: Estimating Travel Times to Forest Fires Using Resistance Surface 11/15/2002 Andrew Wilson, U.S. Forestry Service, Riverside Fire Lab/Portland Forestry Sciences Lab
Transportation Finance at Metro 11/08/2002 Mike Hoglund, Metro
A GIS & Statistical Evaluation of Bicycle Level-of-Service in Northwest Portland 11/01/2002 David Hampsten, MURP Candidate, Portland State University
The Portland Streetcar: A First Year Progress Report 10/25/2002 Kay Dannen, Shiels Obletz Johnsen, Inc.