Seminar Topic Date Speaker Archive
Webinar: An Accessible Approach to Shared Streets 01/25/2018 Janet Barlow, Accessible Design for the Blind; Jim Elliott, Toole Design Group; Dan Goodman, Federal Highway Administration
Friday Transportation Seminar: Student Presentations from TRB, Week 1 01/19/2018 Portland State University Students
Friday Transportation Seminar: Exploring Bicycle Accessibility and Equity in Portland, Oregon 01/12/2018 Jenny Liu, Portland State University
Research Rounds Speaker Series: Dr. Lisa Bates 12/12/2017 Lisa Bates, Associate Professor, Urban Studies & Planning
Webinar: Case Studies in the FTA "Manual on Pedestrian and Bicycle Connections to Transit" 12/12/2017 Nathan McNeil, Portland State University; and Edwin Adilson Rodriguez, Federal Transit Administration
Friday Transportation Seminar: New Probe Data Sources to Measure Cycling Behavior and Safety 12/01/2017 Chris Cherry, University of Tennessee
Friday Transportation Seminar: California's Paradigm Shift from LOS to VMT as a Transportation Impact Metric: Policies, Politics, and Possibilities 11/17/2017 Robert Liberty, Director, Institute for Sustainable Solutions at PSU -AND- Lynn Peterson, Transportation Consultant
Webinar: What Do We Know About Location Affordability in U.S. Shrinking Cities? 11/09/2017 Joanna Ganning, Cleveland State University
Ann Niles Active Transportation Lecture featuring Tamika Butler 11/08/2017 Tamika Butler, Executive Director, Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust
Friday Transportation Seminar: Countywide Bluetooth System: Use Cases & Performance Measures 11/03/2017 Shaun Quayle, Transportation Engineer at Washington County
Friday Transportation Seminar: Municipal Co-Distribution of Goods – Business Models, Stakeholders and Driving Forces for Change 10/27/2017 Olof Moen, School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Webinar: Racial Bias in Driver Yielding Behavior at Crosswalks 10/26/2017 Kimberly Kahn, Portland State University
Friday Transportation Seminar: Advisory Bike Lanes in North America 10/20/2017 Michael Williams, Alta Planning + Design
Friday Transportation Seminar: Safety Effectiveness of Pedestrian Crossing Treatments 10/13/2017 Chris Monsere, Portland State University
Friday Transportation Seminar: Utilizing High-Resolution Archived Transit Data to Study Before-and-After Travel-Speed and Travel-Time Conditions 10/06/2017 Travis Glick, Ph.D. Student, Portland State University
Friday Transportation Seminar: Bicycle Safety (and Other) Research at CARRS-Q in Brisbane, Australia 09/29/2017 Narelle Haworth, Queensland University of Technology
Webinar: The Effects of Demand-Responsive Parking on Transit Usage and Congestion: Evidence from SFpark 09/26/2017 Nicole Ngo, University of Oregon
Webinar: Breaking Barriers to Bike Share: Insights on Equity 08/22/2017 Nathan McNeil, Jennifer Dill and John MacArthur; Portland State University
Webinar: Land Use Mix and Pedestrian Travel Behavior: Advancements in Conceptualization and Measurement 07/25/2017 Steven Gehrke, Portland State University
Environmentally Sustainable and Affordable Housing Near Transit in Los Angeles 06/09/2017 Marlon Boarnet, University of Southern California
China's Motorization Wave and the Place of Emerging Technologies 06/02/2017 Christopher Cherry, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Annual Metro Regional Trail Count and Why Local Extrapolation Factors Matter 05/26/2017 Geoff Gibson, Metro
Webinar: Developing Practical Dynamic Evaluation Methods for Transportation Structures 05/25/2017 C.J. Riley, Oregon Institute of Technology
Inequities in Urban Mobility in Portland: Understanding Community Vulnerability and Prospects for Livable Neighborhoods 05/19/2017 Amy Lubitow, Portland State University
Network Congestion Effect of E-Hailing Transportation Services 05/12/2017 Xuegang (Jeff) Ban, University of Washington