Seminar Topic Date Speaker Archive
Behavior-Based Freight Modeling at Metro 05/05/2017 Chris Johnson and Bud Reiff, Metro
Transport Planning in Delft, Netherlands 04/28/2017 Jan Nederveen, City of Delft
Webinar: Integrating Equity into Regional Transportation Planning 04/27/2017 Kristine Williams, University of South Florida
Webinar: Economic Impacts from Bicycle and Pedestrian Street Improvements 04/25/2017 Jenny Liu, Portland State University
A Conceptual Framework for Understanding Latent Demand: Accounting for Unrealized Activities and Travel 04/21/2017 Kelly Clifton, Portland State University
Getting to Know the Data: Understanding assumptions, sensitivities, uncertainty, and being "conservative" while using ITE's Trip Generation Data in the Land Development Process 04/14/2017 Kristi Currans, Portland State University
Urbanism Next: How technology is changing our city 04/07/2017 Nico Larco, University of Oregon
Webinar: Bang for the Buck? Following the Money from Transportation Decisions to Outcomes 03/21/2017 Rob Zako, University of Oregon
Dynamic Assignment Models and their Application in the Portland Metro Region 03/17/2017 Peter Bosa, Oregon Metro
Addressing Data Challenges for Bicycle Crash Analysis 03/10/2017 Eleni Christofa, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Big data and the future of travel modeling 03/03/2017 Greg Macfarlane, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff
Student Presentations from TRB, Week 3: Positive Utility of Travel & Impact of Bike Facilities 02/24/2017 Patrick Singleton and Wei Shi, Portland State University
Webinar: Integrating explicit and implicit methods in travel behavior research: A study of driver attitudes and bias 02/21/2017 Tara Goddard, Portland State University
Using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps to Model Policy Issues in the face of Uncertainty and Limited Data 02/17/2017 Brian Gregor, Oregon Analytics
Individual decision making in online public-participation transportation planning 02/10/2017 Martin Swobodzinski, Portland State University
Empty Spaces webinar confronts parking at transit-oriented developments 01/31/2017
Student Presentations from TRB, Week 2: Travel-Time Reliability and Equitable Bike Share 01/27/2017 Travis Glick and Steven Howland, Portland State University
Webinar: Improving Walkability at Signalized Intersections with Signal Control Strategies 01/26/2017 Edward Smaglik, Northern Arizona University; Sirisha Kothuri, Portland State University
Student Presentations from TRB, Week 1: Smart Growth Neighborhoods & Real-World Cycling 01/20/2017 Steven Gehrke and Alvaro Caviedes, Portland State University
Avoiding bus bunching: From theory to practice 01/13/2017 Ricardo Giesen, Universidad Catolica Chile
Webinar: State-wide Pedestrian and Bicycle Miles Traveled: Can we estimate it? 12/13/2016 Krista Nordback, University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center
Pricing and Reliability Enhancements in the San Diego Activity-Based Travel Model 12/02/2016 Joel Freedman, RSG
Realistic or Utopian? Coordinating Transit and Land Use to Achieve Equitable Transit-Oriented Development 11/18/2016 Ian Carlton, EcoNorthwest
Webinar: The Association Between Light Rail Transit, Streetcars and Bus Rapid Transit on Jobs, People and Rents 11/15/2016 Arthur C. Nelson, University of Arizona
Lessons from the Development of a Guidebook on Pedestrian and Bicycle Connections to Transit 11/04/2016 Nathan McNeil, Allison Duncan and Drew DeVitis; Portland State University