Research Highlights

From Knowledge to Practice: Rethinking Streets for People on Bikes

Marc Schlossberg
John Rowell , Roger Lindgren
This project is a follow up to a highly successful previous NITC project and subsequent nationally distributed book, called “Rethinking Streets: An Evidence Based Guide to 25 Street Transformations. The success of the first book demonstrates a need for easy access to evidence-based transportation information that can be used by practitioners, community members, policy makers, educators, and researchers. This project is to produce a follow-up volume, but focus on streets redesigned to accommo... Read More

Using Time-Series Analysis to Precisely Identify and Rank Road Hotspots

Alexander Lee
Wei Lin
Over the past decades, many ranking methods have been proposed. However, results vary from method to method, and one of the issues behind ranking is the element of subjectivity. One approach to resolve these issues is the use of combined models. One of the combined models is the Enhanced Empirical Bayesian (EB) method that incorporates the use of the similarity measure based on the Proportion Discordance Ratio (PDR). This model is developed to assess and objectively quantify similarity among ... Read More