Research Highlights

Instrumentation for Mechanistic Design Implementation

Todd Scholz
The principal objective of the research project was to obtain key information (i.e., engineering properties of the materials used for construction and in-service response of these materials to applied truck loads) to be used to assess the validity of predicted tensile strain via layered elastic analysis. More specifically, the objectives of the project were to: 1. Instrument three new HMA pavements with differing structure and truck traffic volume, and constructed in differing climatic condit... Read More

Pedestrian Observation and Data Collection Curriculum

Jennifer Dill
The purpose of this project is to develop two class exercises suitable for undergraduate and/or graduate students in courses related to travel behavior, traffic safety, urban planning and design, or civil engineering. Initially, this project will focus on developing pedestrian-focused exercises that includes elements of both traditional traffic counts and behavioral components, the latter of which are often lacking from current data collections efforts. The first exercise will likely be count... Read More