Research Highlights

Shared Space and Bicyclists

Allison Duncan
Shared space is a traffic calming technique and design concept. The technique is relatively new, and the majority of existing research concerns pedestrians only. This mixed methods study will be international in scope focusing on intersections in England. The goal of this dissertation is to understand how cyclists perceive and travel through shared space intersections by observing cyclists as they traverse selected sites and control sites as well as intercepting and surveying those cyclist... Read More

Evaluation of the Oregon DMV At-Risk Driver Program, Phase 2

James Strathman
In June 2003 Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Services (DMV) implemented a new mandatory medical reporting requirement as required by ORS 807.710, in which some Oregon physicians and health care providers are mandated to report to DMV patients with certain severe and uncontrollable cognitive and functional impairments. The previous mandatory law required reporting based on the diagnosis of conditions or impairments that bring about momentary or prolonged lapses of consciousness or control, an... Read More