Research Highlights

Updating and Expanding LRT/BRT/SCT/CRT Data and Analysis

Arthur C. Nelson
This project will update and expand our station area databases (developed under previous NITC contracts 547, 650, and 763) to include new systems added since the late 2000s and more metropolitan areas. Under prior NITC contracts, we built station area databases for 12 light rail transit (LRT) systems, nine bus rapid transit (BRT) systems, four streetcar transit (SCT), and five commuter rail transit (CRT) systems. We included employment data extending annually from 2002 through 2011, and censu... Read More

Framing Livability: A Strategic Communications Approach to Improving Public Transportation in Oregon

Deborah Morrison
Autumn Shafer , Rebecca Lewis
Oregon is recognized as a national leader in improving transportation options and limiting urban sprawl. In the 42 years since Senate Bill 100 launched Oregon's land use planning program, these efforts have gone by different names: "reducing reliance on the automobile," "reducing vehicles miles traveled," "reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation," "compact, mixed-use, transit-oriented development," "smart growth," "sustainability," and "livability," to name a few. Despite these ... Read More