Research Highlights

Using Maps and Online Tools to Operationalize Equity in Shared Mobility Services

Amanda Howell
Anne Brown
This project translates research into practice through developing two practitioner-ready tools using findings from NITC project #1401 “Mobility for the People: Evaluating Equity Requirements in Shared Mobility Programs”. In “Mobility for the People,” we confirmed our hypotheses that while many US cities implement shared mobility program equity requirements, specific requirements range dramatically. In addition, many requirements are not supported by data collection efforts and evaluation metr... Read More

Improving Bicycle Crash Prediction for Urban Road Segments

Sirisha Kothuri
Krista Nordback , Wesley Marshall
The 2010 Highway Safety Manual (HSM) provides methods for predicting the number of motor vehicle crashes on various roadway facilities (AASHTO, 2010). However, it includes only a simplistic method for predicting the number of bicycle-related crashes. The research team investigated the bicycle-specific crash data in eight potential study areas around the U.S.: Arlington, VA (city/county); Bellingham, WA (city); Boulder, CO (city); Denver, CO (city/county); Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN (cities)... Read More