Research Highlights

Social Equity in Transit: Toward social and environmental justice in transportation

Torrey Lyons
Much of the literature on transit focuses on very fine-grained aspects of the industry, often neglecting the important foundation of why the service is even provided in the first place. Transit service is supported by local governments with aid from larger bodies to provide a more diverse transportation network that serves as many needs of the public as possible. While transit agencies tend to focus on ridership as a measure of performance, this can skip over an important aspect of the agency... Read More

Pedestrian and Transit Oriented Design

Keith Bartholomew
This course introduces the theoretical basis and design principles of compact urban development and will review local, national and international TOD’s for the urban design qualities that make a place walkable and encourage multi-modal transportation. From this review, specific TOD locations will be identified and targeted for more comprehensive on-site investigations. Students in the course will be sent out to different metropolitan areas with exemplary TODs to conduct interviews, collect ad... Read More