Research Highlights

A Decentralized Network Consensus Control Approach for Urban Traffic Signal Optimization

Gerardo Lafferriere
The main contribution of this project is the simulation platform that allows for comparison between the proposed consensus approach and a standard traffic signal control protocol. The main features of the mathematical model and the simulation tools are explained and illustrated in the report. The complete open source for the code is available in the online depository. The code is in the form of MATLAB files with extensive comments explaining the various parts of the model. The tool has an int... Read More

Modeling and Analyzing the Impact of Advanced Technologies on Livability and Multimodal Transportation Performance Measures in Arterial Corridors

Miguel Figliozzi
Transportation corridors are complex systems. Tradeoffs, particularly in terms of traffic mobility, transit performance, accessibility and pedestrian interactions, are not well understood. When the focus is on motorized vehicle mobility and throughput, high traffic or vehicle speeds are desirable because at high speeds more vehicles can flow per unit of time and roadway section. However, high traffic/vehicles speeds are not desirable for pedestrians who have to cross urban arterials. In parti... Read More