Research Highlights

How Affordable is HUD Affordable Housing?

Reid Ewing
This paper assesses the affordability of HUD rental assistance properties from the standpoint of transportation costs. HUD housing is, by definition, affordable from the standpoint of housing costs due to limits on the amounts renters are required to pay. However, there are no such limitations on transportation costs, and common sense suggests that renters in remote locations may be forced to pay more than 15 percent of income, a nominal affordability standard, for transportation costs. Using... Read More

Rapid Transportation Structure Evaluation Toolkit

Charles (C.J.) Riley
A previous NITC grant (#985 Dynamic Evaluation of Transportation Structures with iPod-Based Data Acquisition) supported education and research development at Oregon Tech in the area of mobile devices in sensor network applications to evaluate transportation structures via dynamic parameters like natural frequency and damping ratio. The goal of the previous grant was to determine the feasibility of using mobile devices in structural health monitoring applications and to build an educational mo... Read More