Research Highlights

V2X: Bringing Bikes into the Mix

Stephen Fickas
This project focuses on a type of transportation that is currently left out of V2X conversations: bicycling. The project demonstrates how an inexpensive system can add new functionality to existing signal controllers, giving bicyclists an efficient way to cross a controlled intersection. The system proposed and demonstrated integrates three components: (1) a Bike Connect box that resides near the signal-controller and is connected to it, (2) an application that runs on a Bike Connect devi... Read More

Metropolitan Centers: Evaluating local implementation of regional plans and policies

Richard Margerum
Keith Bartholomew , Rebecca Lewis
One of the emerging strategies in metropolitan regions for integrating transportation and land use is to promote development around higher density mixed use centers (metropolitan centers). Considerable research has focused on the design and performance of centers, particularly those linked to fixed transit (transit oriented development). These studies have focused on urban design, the impacts of centers on behavior and the changes induced by fixed transit investment. However, there has been f... Read More