Research Highlights

Toward Automating the Measurement of Urban Design Qualities Related to Walkability

Seyed Hassan Ameli
Streets are one of the most significant elements of urban spaces to accommodate public activity and provide access to numerous locations and services. Today, our cities face various challenges, including urban sprawl, air pollution, and obesity. To address some of these problems, cities and local governments consider land use planning and urban design to lower car dependency and promote walking and biking. Many studies have characterized the built environment in terms of D variables density,... Read More

National Electric Bike Owner Survey

John MacArthur
Christopher Cherry
Electric bicycle (e-bike) use is a rising phenomenon in North America as a growing number of manufacturers produce a variety of bicycles which can accommodate the needs of diverse populations. With the growth of the e-bike industry, e-bike users are an increasingly integral part of both the transportation network and recreational trail system. However, little research has been conducted on e-bikes within North America, especially on the individuals who have purchased e-bikes. The first-known ... Read More