Research Highlights

Bridge Seismic Retrofit Feasibility Case Study Utilizing Ductile Fuses

Peter Dusicka
In an effort to increase the seismic resiliency of our transportation network, a performance centric retrofit measure has been developed as part of State funded research and evaluated through to large scale laboratory setting. With an eye toward implementation, this technology transfer proposal aims to conduct a feasibility study on incorporating this retrofit measure with a recently developed ductile fuse technology and applying the retrofit to a real bridge case study. The intent is to deve... Read More

Improving Integration of Transit Operations and Bicycle Infrastructure at the Stop Level

Miguel Figliozzi
The interaction between transit vehicles and bicycles can create conflict when both share the same space. In particular, the location of transit stops poses specific challenges along bicycle facilities. Little research exists to offer insight on how the placement of transit stops affect bicycle safety and comfort levels or how bicycle flow affects transit operations (stop dwell times, delays, etc.). This project builds on existing UTC-funded work using high-resolution bus GPS data to analyze ... Read More