Research Highlights

Agent-Based Model Simulating Pedestrian Behavioral Response to Environmental Structural Changes

Amy Lobben
Christopher Bone
Our research focused on understanding the travel behavior of individuals in complex urban environments. Specifically, we investigated how land use patterns and infrastructure influence how individuals across a broad range of travel abilities navigate through urban landscapes. Our overall project goal was to develop a transportation planning tool that allows users to simulate pedestrian travel behavior. The tool was built on a computation model that was developed through rigorous measures and ... Read More

Utilizing Ego-centric Video to Conduct Naturalistic Bicycling Studies

Feng Liu
Miguel Figliozzi , Wu-chi Feng
Bicycling is enjoying a surge in popularity across the USA but bicycle safety continues to remain a challenge. Cyclists (and pedestrians) are the most vulnerable road users since cyclist-vehicle collisions often result in severe injuries and have high fatality rates with respect to other types of collisions. In particular, intersections are one of the most critical areas in a road network given the high number of conflicts and accidents occurring at these locations. Existing data collecti... Read More