Research Highlights

Characterization of the urban roadway atmospheric environment to evaluate transportation impacts and improve exposure assessment

Christine Kendrick
Urban arterials are landscapes that give rise to short and long-term exposures to increased transportation-related pollution. With high traffic volumes and a wide mix of road users such as those waiting for transit, pedestrians, and bicyclists, urban arterial environments are important targets for improved exposure assessment to traffic-related pollution and application of mitigation strategies. This dissertation project uses long-term roadside air quality and traffic monitoring from a signal... Read More

Addressing Bicycle-Vehicle Conflicts with Alternate Signal Control Strategies

Sirisha Kothuri
Christopher Monsere , Krista Nordback , Edward Smaglik
There is nationwide interest in supporting sustainable and active transportation modes such as bicycling and walking due to the many benefits associated with them, including reduced congestion, lower emissions and improved health. Although the number of bicyclists is increasing, safety remains a top concern. In urban areas, a common crash type involving bicycles at intersections is the “right hook” where a right-turning vehicle collides with a through bicyclist. While geometric treatments and... Read More