Research Highlights

Data-Driven Optimization for E-Scooter System Design

Jianqiang Cheng
The objective of this project is to develop data-driven, decision-making models and computational methods for shared-mobility system design and operation. Specifically, we will use shared e-scooters as a representative system, with the ultimate goal of facilitating an electric shared-mobility revolution that promises a more sustainable future. In the past few years, shared e-scooter systems have gained increased popularity around the world because of their benefits to health, traffic congest... Read More

Fast Track: Allowing Bikes To Participate In A Smart-Transportation System

Stephen Fickas
Marc Schlossberg
This project focuses on a mode of transportation that is currently left out of V2X (vehicle-to-everything) conversations: bicycling. The project demonstrates how university researchers, city traffic engineers, and signal-controller manufacturers can come together to give bicyclists the same technology appearing on modern vehicles: Green Light Optimized Speed Advisory (GLOSA). GLOSA allows motorists to set their speed along corridors to maximize their chances of catching a “green wave” (i.e., ... Read More