Research Highlights

The Connection between Investments in Bus Stops, Ridership, and ADA Accessibility

Keith Bartholomew
Arlie Adkins
Bus stop amenities, including shelters, seating, signage, and accessibility features make waiting for transit more comfortable for all riders, especially in cases of inclement weather or extreme climate. For persons with disabilities, such features can provide a critical link for accessing regular, scheduled bus services. But do programs to construct such improvements result in measurable changes in ridership demand and behavior? In UDOT project #16.06.09, Kim, Bartholomew & Ewing compared ... Read More

How Can Interdisciplinary Teams Leverage Emerging Technologies to Respond to Transportation Infrastructure Needs? A Mixed-Methods Evaluation of Civil Engineers, Urban Planning, and Social Workers’ Perspectives

Noelle Fields
Courtney Cronley , Kate Hyun , Stephen Mattingly
This study seeks to explore how engineers, planners, and social workers interact around issues of transportation and transportation equity and to identify opportunities for enhanced collaboration and training in anticipation of emerging transportation needs for environmental justice (EJ) populations. This study will lay the foundation for future educational research, identify strategies for using two Android apps (Safe Activity and My Amble) developed at the University of Texas at Arlington ... Read More