Research Highlights

How Will Autonomous Vehicles Change Local Government Budgeting and Finance? A Case Study of Solid Waste, Drop-off/Pick-up Zones, and Parking

Benjamin Clark
This project specifically seeks to study the secondary effects of AVs (not the innovation themselves but how innovations impact our lives), with a specific focus on local government fiscal impacts. The breadth of impacts are wide ranging and were outlined in a white paper (Clark, Larco, and Mann 2017) earlier this year. The proposed project will take a deeper and more detailed dive than was seen in the white paper so that the magnitude in a few categories of government service: 1) solid waste... Read More

Using High-Resolution Bus Detection Data to Improve Travel Time Prediction and Identify Urban Congestion Spots

Miguel Andres Figliozzi
Robert Bertini
Most urban vehicle miles traveled take place along arterials and collector streets. Arterials and collector streets are also essential to provide accessibility and provide mobility for public transportation fleets; these roadways constitute the backbone of bus routes in urban areas. However, unlike freeways, arterials and collectors are still relatively understudied and do not have a large body of work related to congestion quantification and performance measures (PMs). This proposal is time... Read More