Research Highlights

Exploratory Methods for Truck Re-identification in a Statewide Network Based on Axle Weight and Axle Spacing Data to Enhance Freight Metrics

Christopher Monsere
Mecit Cetin , Andrew Nichols
Most transportation agencies rely on point detectors (e.g., inductive loops, axle detectors) located at specific points on highways to collect data on traffic volumes, vehicle classes, and other relevant attributes of traffic. By utilizing the data collected from these point detectors, researchers have developed vehicle re-identification algorithms to match measurements at two sites that belong to the same vehicle. This enables tracking the movement of individual vehicles between different da... Read More

Oregon Transportation Planning Experience

Carl Abbott
Samuel Lowry
This project was designed to outline transportation chapters of a planned written history of Oregon land use planning, written in ways that would make the transportation planning profession relevant to a popular audience. The writing would focus on stories from the profession, and on historical facts and events in Oregon transportation planning history that would surprise or enlighten popular reading audiences. Technology transfer would occur through publication of one or more written pieces ... Read More