Research Highlights

Addressing Homeless Encampments on Public Right-of-Way: A Knowledge Transfer Project

Andree Tremoulet
This technology transfer project provided practical information about how to address homeless encampments on public right-of-way to transportation professionals, including Federal Highway Administration officials, Oregon public works directors, transportation educators and students. Through a previous project funded by OTREC and Oregon Department of Transportation, research had been conducted about the extent of the issue among state transportation agencies and how they were addressing it. Th... Read More

Fusion and Integration of Arterial Performance Data

Kristin Tufte
Real-time knowledge of system performance enables transportation agencies to manage traffic conditions and keep the public informed of periods of congestion. The ability to accurately measure arterial performance has been limited primarily by the availability of appropriate and reliable data. Unlike freeway networks where speed, flow, and occupancy measures are generally sufficient to quantify the performance of the link, the link-node combination of interrupted-flow arterial facilities requi... Read More