Research Highlights

Matching the Speed of Technology with the Speed of Local Government: Developing Codes and Policies Related to the Possible Impacts of New Mobility on Cities

Marc Schlossberg
Heather Brinton
Advances in technology such as the advent of autonomous vehicles (AV’s), the rise of E-commerce, and the proliferation of the sharing economy are having profound effects not only on how we live, move, and spend our time in cities, but also on urban form and development itself. These new technologies are changing the systems of transport, the layout of cities, and the places we spend our time. In turn, these changes will have profound effects on land use, street design, parking, housing, equit... Read More

Network Effects of Disruptive Traffic Events

Juan Medina
Xiaoyue Liu
Current traffic management strategies are based on expected conditions caused by recurring congestion (e.g. by time of day, day of week), and can be very effective when provisions are also given for reasonable variations from such expectations. However, traffic variations due to non recurrent events (e.g. crashes) can be much larger and difficult to predict, making also challenging efforts to measure and forecast their disruptive effects. This project explores a proactive approach to manage n... Read More