Research Highlights

Factors for Improved Fish Passage Waterway Construction

David Sillars
Trevor Smith , Hamid Moradkhani
Project Description: Roughened chutes (simulating natural stream passages) are a cost effective means to provide fish passage at locations where existing culverts and bridges are structurally sound yet do not meet current fish passage rules and regulations. Currently, the construction of roughened chutes consists of using equipment and water-wash methods to place the streambed materials; compaction consists of water consolidation and use of bucket and track (using the wheels and tracks of equ... Read More

Hurricane Wave Forces on Highway Bridge Superstructure

Daniel Cox
A. Objectives The objectives of this study are to: (1) conduct the first, large-scale physical model study of wave loads on a highway bridge superstructure under realistic wave conditions and bridge geometries, and (2) evaluate the application of existing design formulas developed for deep water, wave-in-deck loading of offshore structures to shallow water, highway bridge geometries. This will aid in our understanding of the dynamic loads by hurricane waves on highway bridg... Read More