Research Highlights

Development of a Pedestrian Demand Estimation Tool

Kelly Clifton
There is growing support to improve the quality of the walking environment and make investments to promote pedestrian travel. Such efforts often require analytical non-motorized planning tools to estimate levels of pedestrian demand that are sensitive to environmental and demographic factors at an appropriate scale. Despite this interest and need, current forecasting tools, particularly regional travel demand models, often fall short. Until recently, spatially disaggregate travel behavior dat... Read More

Hurricane Wave Forces on Highway Bridge Superstructure: Psuedo-dynamic Testing for Bridge Subassembly

Daniel Cox
Tim Maddux
Many bridges along the Gulf Coast of the United States were damaged by recent hurricanes, and many more are susceptible to similar damage. This research examines the structural performance of common connection details used to anchor prestressed concrete girders to the substructure. Full-scale specimens were fabricated and tested under static and dynamic cyclic load histories. Dynamic load histories were developed from previously conducted hydraulic tests of a 1/5 scale model of a highway brid... Read More