Research Highlights

Agent-Based Model Simulating Pedestrian Behavioral Response to Environmental Structural Changes

Amy Lobben
Christopher Bone
Our research focused on understanding the travel behavior of individuals in complex urban environments. Specifically, we investigated how land use patterns and infrastructure influence how individuals across a broad range of travel abilities navigate through urban landscapes. Our overall project goal was to develop a transportation planning tool that allows users to simulate pedestrian travel behavior. The tool was built on a computation model that was developed through rigorous measures and ... Read More

Generalized Adaptation of an Electric-Hydraulic hybrid drive system

James Long
Steve Edgeman , Xin Wang
KersTech Vehicle Systems is in the process of creating a hybrid drive system combining a flat format hydraulic motor with an electric motor for energy recapture of vehicle momentum. The initial drive system is targeted at a specific vehicle application. A main component of the drive system being developed is a controller and the associated algorithm. The controller algorithm is a new adaptation of an optimally robust algorithm for model uncertainties and resilience against control feedback ga... Read More