Principal Investigator Project Title
End Date
John MacArthur National Scan of Bike Share Equity Programs 2020-12-31
Benjamin Clark Investigating Effects of TNCs on Parking Demand and Revenues 2020-05-29
Marc Schlossberg Matching the Speed of Technology with the Speed of Local Government: Developing Codes and Policies Related to the Possible Impacts of New Mobility on Cities 2019-12-31
Matthew Sleep ADA Accessible Trail Improvement with Naturally Occurring, Sustainable Materials 2019-12-30
Jandel Crutchfield Promoting Environmental Justice Populations’ Access to Opportunities within Suburban Boomtowns: An Interdisciplinary, Mixed-Methods Approach to Addressing Infrastructure Needs 2019-11-30
Nikola Markovic Visual Exploration of Utah Trajectory Data and their Applications in Transportation 2019-11-30
Xianfeng Yang Connected Vehicle System Design for Signalized Arterials 2019-11-30
Nathan McNeil Revisiting TODs: How Subsequent Development Affects the Travel Behavior of Residents in Existing Transit-Oriented Developments 2019-11-29
Reid Ewing Key Enhancements to the WFRC/MAG Four-Step Travel Demand Model 2019-10-31
Becky Steckler Emerging Technologies and Cities: Assessing the Impacts of New Mobility on Cities 2019-10-31
Amy Lubitow Developing Data, Models, and Tools to Enhance Transportation Equity 2019-09-30
Miguel Figliozzi Improving Integration of Transit Operations and Bicycle Infrastructure at the Stop Level 2019-09-14
Marc Schlossberg Educate the Educators: Diffusing the SCYP University-Community Partnership Model 2019-08-31
Martin Swobodzinski A Comprehensive Examination of Electronic Wayfinding Technology for Visually Impaired Travelers in an Urban Environment 2019-07-15
Stephen Fickas Fast Track: Allowing Bikes To Participate In A Smart-Transportation System 2019-06-30
Jenny Liu Understanding Economic and Business Impacts of Street Improvements for Bicycle and Pedestrian Mobility - A Multi-City Multi-Approach Exploration [Phase 2] 2019-06-30
Arthur C. Nelson Updating and Expanding LRT/BRT/SCT/CRT Data and Analysis 2019-06-30
Avinash Unnikrishnan Understanding Factors Affecting Arterial Reliability Performance Metrics 2019-06-30
Xiaoyue Liu Social-Transportation Analytic Toolbox (STAT) for Transit Networks 2019-06-15
Vivian Miller Transportation, Social Support by Family Visitation, and Depression of Older Adult Nursing Home Residents: A Mixed-Methods Study 2019-05-12
Danya Rumore Planning in Gateway and Amenity Communities: Understanding Unique Challenges Associated with Transportation, Mobility, and Access to Opportunity 2019-04-15
Torrey Lyons Social Equity in Transit: Toward social and environmental justice in transportation 2019-04-10
Joseph Broach Bicycle Planning GIS Tool 2019-03-31
Marc Schlossberg From Knowledge to Practice: Rethinking Streets for People on Bikes 2019-03-31
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