Diversity Grant, Adkins

Arlie Adkins, University of Arizona



This diversity grant would allow PI-Arlie Adkins to hire first year planning graduate student Monica Serrano onto his existing “Access to Opportunities: Redefining Planning Methods and Measures for Disadvantaged Populations” NITC project. Ms. Serrano is a new student in the planning master’s program and has expressed an interest in transportation and equity. When the PI met with her during her first week in the program, it became apparent that her interests, analytical and interpersonal skills, native Spanish fluency, and perspective as a Latina (Mexican American) would contribute substantially to the NITC-funded project to explore perceptions of active transportation in socioeconomically disadvantaged communities (including many Hispanic/Latino areas). Ms. Serrano is a native of Tucson, but has lived much of her life in the Mexican state of Sonora. She is a dual U.S./Mexican citizen. 

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December 07,2018
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NITC 16 Diversity Grant
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