UO Scholars 2019-2020

Marc Schlossberg, University of Oregon


Scholarships will be disbursed to students must adhere to the following: 
•	Each student who receives a NITC scholarship must have a primary purpose for the funding and that purpose must yield a discernible (and reportable) outcome that pertains to NITC’s mission. Common examples include: professional development, independent research and campus leadership. When scholarships are awarded, the student should identify its primary purpose.

Scholar Reporting Requirement: 
•	Each PI shall submit progress reports to NITC staff. Reports are due on September 30 and March 30. These reports shall include:
o	Name, degree program, and email address of scholarship recipients.
o	A picture and biography of each recipient that covers at least the following: degree program and expected graduation date, previous degree/institution, transportation interest, and the purpose of the scholarship.
•	Each PI shall submit an end-of-the-academic year report (due May 31 for UTA, UU, & UA and June 30 for Oregon Tech, UO, PSU) that describes the scholarship allocation process and any anticipated changes to that process for the subsequent year. 
•	Each scholarship recipient shall submit, at least once per year, a product that NITC can share with U.S.DOT (for example, a master’s thesis or a brief white/position paper).

Project Details

Project Type:
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In Progress
End Date:
August 31,2020
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NITC 16 Student Scholars
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