UO Student Group – Visiting Scholars 2019-2020

Marc Schlossberg, University of Oregon


NITC Student Group Expectations: •	Each campus shall support a transportation-oriented student group that is not limited to students from a single discipline; a faculty member must serve as the student group adviser (and as PI for grant administration purposes, including reporting requirements). •	The primary purpose is to encourage graduate and undergraduate students to consider further studies and careers in transportation. •	Each group shall appoint officers; one or more officers shall participate in quarterly conference calls with NITC staff. •	Each group shall plan and implement an outreach activity that raises awareness of transportation studies and careers in a K-12 setting. •	Allowable uses of student group funding must further the UTC program’s goals and include: o	Travel to TRB and other transportation-related domestic conferences; priority is given to students presenting their work. Each student shall promptly complete the online NITC survey that collects information about the student and funded activity. Travel to international conferences requires pre-approval by NITC staff and U.S. DOT and is only allowable for students presenting NITC-funded work. o	Guest speaker events; a group may incur costs for speaker travel, venue, catering and A/V associated with the presentation; the group shall notify NITC of each event in advance and shall provide a brief write up (1-2 paragraph, plus at least one photo) promptly after the event takes place. o	Field trips; reporting requirements are the same as guest speaker events. 1.2 NITC Visiting Scholar Program (VSP) Expectations: •	Each campus shall bring guest speakers to campus to enrich the curriculum and build ties with the transportation community; a faculty member must serve as the VSP leader (and as PI for grant administration purposes). • VSP funding can be used to cover travel and related expenses (such as a post-seminar meal for students and/or community partners) to bring guest speakers to campus. •	If possible, hold presentations in a distance-learning venue and post a recording online. •	If possible, explore opportunities for visiting scholars to appear at more than one NITC campus.

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In Progress
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August 31,2020
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NITC 16 Student Group/VSP
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