Traffic Engineering Training for Rural Communities

Roger Lindgren, Oregon Institute of Technology


This is an educational grant proposal.

This grant would enable the creation of a dedicated traffic engineering laboratory at the Oregon Institute of Technology. The laboratory would consist of a series of computer workstations equipped with software including:
•	traffic simulation (i.e., VISSIM/Paramics)
•	traffic signal warrant analysis 
•	traffic data collection and analysis tools

In addition, the laboratory would be equipped with “hardware in the loop” controller interface devices such as the McCain CID II. OIT has consulted with the University of Idaho, the developer of the CID II and would seek guidance on the design of an effective series of course modules including both “software in the loop” and “hardware in the loop”. OIT faculty would also consult with faculty at Portland State University’s Intelligent Transportation Systems Laboratory and OSU who have been using similar hardware and software elements (i.e., VISSIM, CID II).  

This laboratory would support enhanced learning opportunities in the current senior undergraduate traffic engineering course (CIV 475) and would provide the hardware/software infrastructure to offer a series of graduate level traffic simulation and signalization courses as part of a proposed MSCE degree at Oregon Tech. At the current time, OIT does not offer any professional development courses to practicing traffic engineers. If the traffic engineering laboratory was funded, it would provide the venue for such short courses and seminars in the future.

The primary result of this grant would be graduate engineers that have an increased knowledge of traffic simulation and signalization.

Project Details

Project Type:
Project Status:
In Progress
End Date:
December 31,2008
UTC Grant Cycle:
OTREC 2008
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