UO Research Roadmap

Marc Schlossberg, University of Oregon


Building on a deep body of transportation research developed over the past decade through the NITC consortium, this grant opportunity is designed to further strengthen the relationships between researchers and find new collaborations across the NITC universities. The end goal is to develop research roadmaps that identify key research gaps and can help pave the way for future research collaborations. Six teams of NITC researchers from multiple campuses will work together to develop a roadmap on a specific topic that builds on NITC’s past work. The collaborative effort will also involve practitioners who would benefit from new research. Each roadmap will review past research conducted by NITC and other researchers, identify remaining gaps, and discuss what research is necessary to best meet the needs of transportation professionals and policymakers. Roadmaps will also include identifying priority research needs for near-term funding as NITC plans our next research funding cycles.

Project Details

Project Type:
Technology Transfer
Project Status:
In Progress
End Date:
August 31,2022
UTC Grant Cycle:
NITC 16 Research Roadmap
UTC Funding: