Expanding Transmobilities: An Art-Informed Methodology For Genderdiverse Travel Behavior

Nicholas Puczkowskyj, Portland State University


There is a significant gendered travel behavior research gap in the transportation literature. A plethora of transportation literature identifying and contrasting cisgender disparities exists, but more inclusive approaches to genderdiverse identities remain scarce. The burgeoning field of transmobilities investigates transgender mobility and evolved from the nexus of mobility justice and gender studies by studying transgender experiences on public transit. This dissertation expands transmobilities to include all modes of transportation and experiences involving genderdiverse identities. Using subjective wellbeing as a unit of measure, an art-informed methodology gathers firsthand experiences and narratives of genderdiverse participants in an effort to understand how their gender expression influences their travel behavior decisions. During an interview, 25 participants use collage materials to create art and mental maps reflecting on their experiences making trips through Portland, Oregon. This research hypothesizes gender identity and gender presentation significantly influences a genderdiverse person’s subjective wellbeing and travel decisions.

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In Progress
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June 30,2024
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NITC 16 Dissertation Fellowships
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