Deploy LiDAR systems at intersections to improve equitable mobility

Taylor Li, University of Texas, Arlington



In this project, the researchers will develop a series of technology transfer materials and plan to facilitate to deploy the research findings out of a NITC-funded project titled “Pedestrian Behavior Study to Advance Pedestrian Safety in Smart Transportation Systems Using Innovative LIDAR Sensors”. In that project, the researchers developed and tested a few LiDAR-based disruptive technologies to improve the safety of vulnerable road users (VRU) at intersections. The research findings were later selected and funded by Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) for two related research projects. The results of those two projects were promising and multiple agencies across the nation expressed interest. The pilot studies were conducted in the real world and close to maturity (TRL 9). To further facilitate transferring the LiDAR solutions to practice, the research team will develop educational and training materials for short courses, seminar/webinar and workshops. The research team also plans to reach out to more state and municipal agencies to provide the necessary support for the deployment of LiDAR solutions.

Project Details

Project Type:
Technology Transfer
Project Status:
In Progress
End Date:
August 31,2024
UTC Grant Cycle:
NITC 16 Translate Research to Practice
UTC Funding:

Other Products

  • Using LiDAR sensing technology to improve traffic safety of all road users at intersections (PRESENTATION)