Evaluation of Bicyclists Exposure to Traffic-Related Air Pollution along Distinct Facility Types

Miguel Andres Figliozzi, Portland State University


  • James Pankow, Portland State University


While bicyclists and other active travelers obtain health benefits from increased physical activity, they also risk an uptake of traffic-related air pollution. But pollution uptake by urban bicyclists is not well understood due to a lack of direct measurements and insufficient analysis of the determinants of exposure (particularly characteristics of the transportation system). This knowledge gap impedes pollution-conscious transportation planning, design, and health impact assessment. The research presented in this report generates new connections between transportation system characteristics and pollution exposure for bicyclists. The primary research questions are: 1) How does urban bicyclists’ exposure to air pollution vary with roadway and travel characteristics? and 2) To what extent can transportation-related strategies reduce exposure? These questions are addressed with an exhaustive review of the literature, an on-road data collection campaign, advanced statistical modeling of the empirical data, and synthesis of findings. Novel methods to collect and integrate bicycle, rider, traffic, and environmental data are introduced.

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June 30,2014
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Tier 1 Round 1
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