Pedestrian and Transit Oriented Design

Keith Bartholomew, University of Utah


This course introduces the theoretical basis and design principles of compact urban development and will review local, national and international TOD’s for the urban design qualities that make a place walkable and encourage multi-modal transportation. From this review, specific TOD locations will be identified and targeted for more comprehensive on-site investigations. Students in the course will be sent out to different metropolitan areas with exemplary TODs to conduct interviews, collect additional data, and make a photographic record of each project.  The case study TODs will be analyzed in the “lab” using GIS and demographic data, built environment metrics, and ridership/travel data. The metropolitan areas will be selected in part on the basis of available household travel data and land use databases. The intention is to increase students’ understanding of the dynamics of TOD development by bolstering qualitative data from site visits with quantitative data from the “lab.” The capstone of the course will be an oral presentation by students and a compiled report based on the TOD case studies.

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April 01,2016
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Natl Education Round 1
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