Dynamic Evaluation of Transportation Structures with iPod-Based Data Acquisition

Charles (C.J.) Riley
This grant supported coursework and laboratory development and expanded research capacity, promoting (a) innovative learning activities that expose students to cutting-edge methods of bridge structural health and behavior monitoring and (b) research ... Read More

Design for an Aging Population

Trygve Faste
Kiersten Muenchinger
Older Americans are increasing in numbers and addressing their needs through better public transportation design will improve their quality of life. This study sought to increase understanding of the obstacles faced by people with impairments in visi ... Read More

Establishing Graduate Certificates in Sustainable Transportation at US Universities & Colleges

Keith Bartholomew
Aside from cruising State Street on a Saturday night, transportation is not an objective in and of itself, but a means to carry out the functions of daily living, connecting us from where we are to where we need to be. Those functions, which are spat ... Read More

Investigations in Transportation

Carol BiskupicKnight
William Becker
The Investigations in Transportation program is an elementary school partnership and curriculum development project to engage science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professionals in school-based activities and projects to bring real- ... Read More

Pedestrian and Transit Oriented Design

Keith Bartholomew
This course introduces the theoretical basis and design principles of compact urban development and will review local, national and international TOD’s for the urban design qualities that make a place walkable and encourage multi-modal transportati ... Read More

Graduate-level Civil Engineering Transportation Course Development-Oregon Tech

Roger Lindgren
David Thaemert , Charles (C.J.) Riley
The Civil Engineering Department at Oregon Tech began offering an innovative co-terminal BS/MS degrees program in the Fall of 2013. Students who enter as freshmen can complete both degree requirements in as few as five academic years by starting grad ... Read More

UO NITC National Education Project: Advanced GIS: Smart Transportation

Christopher Bone
Data sensors are ubiquitous in our daily lives, collecting information about how we move, where we eat, and with whom we communicate. Sensors have also become a strategic and efficient means for collecting data on transportation by recording how peop ... Read More

Multimodal Transportation Planning Curriculum for Urban Planning Programs

Kristine Williams
Integrated multimodal transportation and land use planning is critical to advancing mode choice, public health and safety, and livability objectives. Communities across the U.S. are seeking to redefine their planning process accordingly. In response, ... Read More

Transportation Leadership Education

Nathan McNeil
The Portland Traffic and Transportation course serves a number of different purposes. On one hand, it is designed to develop citizens who are informed about the transportation system, including how it got where it is today, what agencies and actors p ... Read More

Strategic Design and Policy for Improving the Livability and Multi-modal Use of U.S. Urban Arterials and Commercial Highways

Michael Larice
Brenda Scheer
NITC Project Type: This project fits under two NITC project areas: 3.2 Research Projects and 3.4 Education Projects. Background: The problem of urban arterial street development, design and livability is perhaps the most understudied aspect of ... Read More

OLIS Sustainable Transportation Class

Vicki Elmer
This paper describes a pilot graduate sustainable transportation course developed at the University of Oregon to provide hands-on project experience for students studying sustainability. New approaches to sustainability and transportation pedagogies ... Read More

Addressing Homeless Encampments on Public Right-of-Way: A Knowledge Transfer Project

Andree Tremoulet
This technology transfer project provided practical information about how to address homeless encampments on public right-of-way to transportation professionals, including Federal Highway Administration officials, Oregon public works directors, trans ... Read More
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