Nevine Georggi

Senior Research Associate

For over 21 years at CUTR, Ms. Georggi has served as principal investigator and author of technical reports for a professional transportation planning audience. Clients have included the Florida Department of Transportation, Central Office and District 7, Washington Department of Transportation, Transportation Research Board Transit IDEA Program. Technical reports for these clients have presented the results of research with practical application to urban and suburban transportation issues nationwide. Ms. Georggi is pursuing her doctorate degree in Civil Engineering Ms. Georggi investigates the impacts of employer-based policies and programs on the transportation system, researches the impacts of ITS applications in collecting travel data, providing travelers with pertinent feedback to reduce drive-alone use, and enhancing the transit rider experience. She is also researching impacts of employing new technology, in advanced public transportation systems and advanced traveler information systems, on travel behavior. Over the past 25 years, Ms. Georggi participated in designing ITS planning and integration guidebooks for the state of Florida, alcohol-related safety research, travel behavior, travel-related statistical analysis, trip generation models, transportation, and survey design and analysis. Her experience extends to coordinating Project Development and Environmental Studies for southeastern Florida counties, providing initial data collection and future forecasting of energy consumption of a region, writing of energy conservation policies, and transportation planning related to an existing land use plan, and writing the respective reports.