Nov 24, 2014

The video begins at 1:55.

Abstract: This year, the Sustainable City Year (SCY) program is working with the City of Salem (Oregon, USA) and is directing 25 faculty, 28 courses, 10 disciplines, and about 80,000 hours of student and faculty effort toward the city's sustainability related projects and priorities.  The talk will discuss SCY’s program structure, numerous transportation related projects, and tangible outcomes. 

In this model of education, students get hands on experience in working with city officials while city officials and citizens get a range of new ideas from the next generation of thinkers and practitioners.  This model is, at the same time, a fairly radical re-conceptualization of transportation education as well as a somewhat simple approach to incorporate.

Dec 13, 2013

As we prepare for the next step in our development as a center, we're taking a look back at the seven years since OTREC's founding:

The Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium, or OTREC, was founded in 2006 with a theme that emphasized advanced technology, the integration of transportation and land use, and healthy communities. OTREC’s mission is to inform transportation decision making through timely, useful primary research and to build the capacity of the transportation workforce.

Reflecting the DOT mission, OTREC promotes choices that make our transportation system safe, resilient and adaptable. Providing access to travel options that promote the health of our communities and our environment makes our country stronger.

From the research that makes our communities living laboratories to the innovative education and technology transfer efforts that wed research and practice, our programs lay the groundwork for livable communities. Our advanced technology projects have shown the effect of traffic-signal timing on pedestrians’ exposure to pollution and helped a state Department of Transportation place sensors to best estimate travel times for the least cost. Our healthy communities projects have helped shape...

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