Trip and Parking Generation at Transit-Oriented Developments

Reid Ewing, University of Utah


The decision of how best to allocate land around transit stations is a debated topic, with transit officials often opting for park-and-ride lots over active uses such as multifamily housing, office, and retail organized into transit-oriented developments (TODs). In practice, guidelines for providing parking and mitigating vehicle trips come mainly from the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Trip Generation Manual and the ITE Parking Generation Manual. However, both manuals have well-known shortcomings. The goal of this study is to determine how many fewer vehicle trips are generated at TODs, and how much less parking is required at TODs, than ITE guidelines would suggest. To answer these questions, we measure trip and parking generation at five TODs using a methodology that is the most robust published to date.

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June 30,2016
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Tier 1 Round 3
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