Marc Schlossberg

Department of Planning, Public Policy and Management
University of Oregon

Marc Schlossberg is a professor of city & regional planning and co-director of the Sustainable Cities Initiative (SCI) at the University of Oregon. He works on the interconnected and interdisciplinary issues around sustainable cities, with particular focus on active transportation, urban design, public health, participatory mapping, and social change. Schlossberg's applied research focuses on redesignining cities so that more people can walk and bike more of the time. This work has ranged from bottom-up, participatory GIS planning to more standard analysis of urban form and transportation. He was a Distinguished Fulbright Scholar to the United Kingdom in 2009-10, and a Senior Fulbright Scholar in Israel in 2015-16. He is a member of the NITC executive committee and is the faculty advisor for LiveMove, the University of Oregon's transportation and livability student group.