Small Starts

Small Starts proposals for 2017 to be announced in the Fall

The purpose of the Small Starts grants is to assist researchers who are interested in transportation but have not had an opportunity to undertake a small project that supports safe, healthy and sustainable transportation choices to foster livable communities. Awards will be no larger than $15,000. The following are examples of some of the kinds of activities we hope to support but are not meant to restrict proposals:

  • Demonstrate a proof of concept aimed at additional research.
  • Activity aimed at assisting local agencies in implementing research results.
  • Release time for a faculty member to work on research.
  • Preliminary data collection to support research concept.

Items which will not be supported by this initiative:

  • Travel not essential to conducting research or performing project tasks.
  • A student-led activity or research.
  • Equipment over $5,000.
  • Long-term personnel support.


Faculty members and research faculty eligible to serve as Principal Investigators (PIs) at Portland State University, Oregon Institute of Technology, University of Arizona, University of Oregon, University of Texas at Arlington and University of Utah may submit proposals and serve as PIs with NITC.

Matching funds

All awards require 1:1 match. Cash match is defined as any direct financial contribution provided by a partner to directly support the project in the form of salaries, benefits, tuition, expendable property, supplies and services; etc. Third party in-kind non-federal match may include: unrecovered indirect costs, values for recipient contributions of services, volunteer services furnished by professional and technical personnel, consultants or other skilled or unskilled labor if service is an integral or necessary part of the project, or donated supplies.

Proposal Evaluation

The NITC Executive Committee and a subset of the Advisory Board will review the proposals. Funds will be available to successful applicants starting November 1, 2017 and must be expended by October 31, 2018. Small Starts grants will be based on the following:

  • Clarity and intellectual merit of research focus, project description, and timeline
  • Fit with NITC’s theme of innovations in sustainable transportation through advanced technology, integration of land use and transportation, and healthy communities
  • Probability of success
  • Priority (not exclusive) will given to: 
    • faculty who have not received a NITC grant in the past
    • untenured faculty, or 
    • interdisciplinary projects.

Forms and Documents for Principal Investigators

To Apply

Submit your completed proposal and budget by logging into: Select “Small Starts 1” grant cycle.