Research Highlights

Revisiting TODs: How Subsequent Development Affects the Travel Behavior of Residents in Existing Transit-Oriented Developments

Nathan McNeil
Jennifer Dill
Portland State University has worked with the Portland Metro regional government periodically since 2005 to survey occupants of buildings for which developers had received funding from Metro’s Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Program. The TOD program, which has a stated goal of funding projects that “stimulate private development of higher-density and mixed-use projects near transit”, engaged PSU to better understand actual transit use, among other factors, of residents in these buildings. ... Read More

Do travel costs matter?: Using psychological and social equity perspectives to evaluate the effects of a low-income transit fare program on low-income riders

Liu-Qin Yang
Liming Wang , Aaron Golub
Access to transit can deliver a host of benefits to the riders and to the region. Previous research aiming to study these benefits has primarily relied on data collected from opening of new routes or transit systems and focused on the general population. Little is known how low-income riders (LIR) reacts and benefits in response to the cost barrier to access to transit is being removed. A recent change in TriMet’s Honored Citizens Program (HCP) provides a rare opportunity to do a quasi-exper... Read More