Research Highlights

Methodologies to Quantify Transit Performance Metrics at the System-Level

Travis Glick
Performance metrics have typically focused at two main scales: a microscopic scale that focuses on specific locations, time-periods, and trips; and, a macroscopic scale that averages metrics over longer times, entire routes, and networks. When applied to entire transit systems, microscopic methodologies often have computational limitations while macroscopic methodologies ascribe artificial uniformity to non-uniform analysis areas. These limitations highlight the need for a middle approach. ... Read More

Network Effects of Disruptive Traffic Events

Juan Medina
Xiaoyue Liu
Current traffic management strategies are based on expected conditions caused by recurring congestion (e.g. by time of day, day of week), and can be very effective when provisions are also given for reasonable variations from such expectations. However, traffic variations due to non recurrent events (e.g. crashes) can be much larger and difficult to predict, making also challenging efforts to measure and forecast their disruptive effects. This project explores a proactive approach to manage n... Read More