Principal Investigator Project Title
End Date
Kimberly Kahn Racial Bias in Drivers' Yielding Behavior at Crosswalks: Understanding the Effect 2017-06-30
Nathan McNeil Evaluating Efforts to Improve the Equity of Bike Share Systems 2017-06-30
Deborah Morrison Framing Livability: A Strategic Communications Approach to Improving Public Transportation in Oregon 2017-06-30
Nicole Ngo The Economic and Environmental Impacts of Smart-Parking Programs 2017-06-30
Liu-Qin Yang How Do Stressed Workers Make Travel Mode Choices That Are Good For Their Health, Safety, and Productivity? 2017-06-30
Rob Zako Effectiveness of Transportation Funding Mechanisms for Achieving National, State and Metropolitan Economic, Health and Other Livability Goals 2017-06-30
Ivis Garcia Active and Public Transportation Connectivity between North Temple TOD and Jordan Park River Trail 2017-05-31
Victoria Perk Impacts of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) on Surrounding Residential Property Values 2017-04-30
Patrick Singleton Exploring the positive utility of travel and mode choice 2017-04-30
Kristine Williams Phase 2 Multimodal Transportation Planning Applications Curriculum for Urban Planning Programs 2017-04-30
Ann Joslin Travel to Food: Transportation Barriers for the Food Insecure in Tampa Bay 2017-03-31
Kristine Williams Evaluating the Distributional Effects of Regional Transportation Plans and Projects 2017-03-31
Brenda Scheer How does transportation affordability vary between TODs, TADs, and other areas 2017-02-28
Amy Lubitow Narratives of Marginalized Cyclists: Understanding Obstacles to Utilitarian Cycling Among Women and Minorities in Portland, Oregon 2017-01-31
Lisa Bates Planning Ahead for Livable Communities Along the Powell-Division BRT: Neighborhood Conditions and Change 2016-12-31
Trygve Faste Design for an Aging Population 2016-12-31
Charles (C.J.) Riley Dynamic Evaluation of Transportation Structures with iPod-Based Data Acquisition 2016-12-31
Donald Truxillo Evaluation of an Eco-driving Intervention: Changing Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior by Means of Supervisor Support 2016-12-31
Tara Goddard Exploring Drivers’ Attitudes and Behaviors toward Bicyclists: The Effect of Explicit and Implicit Attitudes on Self-Reported Safety Behaviors 2016-12-15
Miguel Figliozzi Modeling and Analyzing the Impact of Advanced Technologies on Livability and Multimodal Transportation Performance Measures in Arterial Corridors 2016-09-30
Nicholas Perdue Pedestrian Modeling and Agent Cognition 2016-09-15
Gerardo Sandoval Developing a model for Transit Oriented Development in Latino Immigrant Communities: A National Study of Equity and TOD 2016-08-31
Sean Barbeau Rapidly Expanding Mobile Apps for Crowd-sourcing Bike Data to New Cities 2016-07-31
Sirisha Kothuri Improving Walkability Through Control Strategies at Signalized Intersections 2016-07-31
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