Principal Investigator Project Title
End Date
Kelly Clifton Development of a Pedestrian Demand Estimation Tool 2016-03-31
Steven Gehrke Active Travel Behavior and Spatial-Temporal Land Use Mixing 2016-03-31
Nico Larco Disseminating the Sustainable City Year Program (SCYP) Educational Model to UTC Campuses 2016-03-31
Roger Lindgren Graduate-level Civil Engineering Transportation Course Development-Oregon Tech 2016-03-31
Christopher Bone UO NITC National Education Project: Advanced GIS: Smart Transportation 2016-01-31
Joanna Ganning The Effects of Commuter Rail on Population Deconcentration and Commuting: A Salt Lake City Case Study 2016-01-31
Kristine Williams Multimodal Transportation Planning Curriculum for Urban Planning Programs 2016-01-31
Christine Kendrick Characterization of the urban roadway atmospheric environment to evaluate transportation impacts and improve exposure assessment 2015-12-31
Amy Lobben Agent-Based Model Simulating Pedestrian Behavioral Response to Environmental Structural Changes 2015-12-31
Nathan McNeil Transportation Leadership Education 2015-12-31
Arthur C. Nelson Do TODs Make a Difference? 2015-12-31
Arthur C. Nelson National Study of BRT Development Outcomes 2015-12-31
Arthur C. Nelson Do TODs Make A Difference? Phase 2 2015-12-31
Andree Tremoulet Encouraging Low-Income Households to Make Location-Efficient Housing Choices 2015-12-31
Kristine Williams Integrating Freight into Livable Communities 2015-12-31
Steven Farber Assessing Transit Fare Equity in Utah Using a Geographic Information System 2015-11-30
Christopher Bone Crowdsourcing the Collection of Transportation Behavior Data 2015-09-30
Reid Ewing Is HUD Affordable Housing Really Affordable? 2015-06-30
Krista Nordback Washington State Pedestrian and Bicycle Miles Traveled Project 2015-06-30
Allison Duncan Shared Space and Bicyclists 2015-05-31
Alex Bigazzi Bicyclists’ Uptake of Traffic-Related Air Pollution: Effects of the Urban Transportation System 2014-12-31
Roger Chen Vehicle acquisition and disposal/ Multi-modal Household Vehicle Fleets and Residential Location Choices 2014-12-31
Jason Germany Street Portals: Urban User Interface 'Test Bed' Prototype for Bike Shares 2014-10-31
Kelly Clifton Understanding Market Segments for Current and Future Residential Location and Travel Choices 2014-08-31
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