OTREC Releases 2010 Request for Proposals!

OTREC is pleased to announce the posting of the 2010-2011 Request of Proposal (RFP). The total funding available under this RFP is approximately $2 million, and OTREC expects to fund as many high quality proposals as possible to support relevant work that relates to the theme and supports national transportation priorities, initiatives and needs. Please note some of the changes to the 2010-2011 RFP based on feedback and input from faculty, the OTREC Board of Advisors, and OTREC partners. The changes include the following:

1. OTREC is defining research emphasis areas that provide strategic research direction for the next year. These research areas are multimodal and the priorities are NOT at the exclusion of other thematic research areas, but proposals submitted that directly respond to these priority areas will rank higher among the diverse portfolio of proposals.

2. OTREC has reserved funding for initiatives. An initiative goes beyond a single project and can be a center, program, or laboratory that involves collaboration between more than one campus, more than one discipline, more than one agency, and more than one faculty member. See Section 5 of the RFP for details.

3. OTREC is accepting multi-year proposals for both projects and initiatives with a limit of 2 years. If selected, OTREC will fund the first year. Second year funding is contingent on congressional reauthorization, and currently cannot be guaranteed.

4. Abstracts are no longer required prior to submitting full proposals. To download the RFP, proposal and budget forms, please go to: http://otrec.us/content/rfp2011.php.

Proposals are due 5:00 pm on April 9, 2010.

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