Building the London Cycle Network - 900km of Fast, Safe, and Comfortable Bike Routes

Monday, June 15, 2009, 12:00pm to 1:00pm PDT
Steve Cardno, London Cycle Network Project Manager

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The LCN+ Project Management team are responsible for improving conditions for cycling on a 900-kilometre network of London’s key commuter roads, in line with the Mayor of London’s Cycling Action Plan.

With the initial target of achieving a 200% increase in the number of cyclists in London already surpassed, the project aims to build on this by continuing to advise the 33 London boroughs on how to improve cycling infrastructure on their roads. By effectively liasing with major stakeholders such as local cycling groups, Borough Cycling Officers and Transport for London, the project can ensure that all will have agreed on the solutions reached.

Steve Cardno: Steve is the Project Manager for the London Cycle Network Plus (LCN+) project, with responsibility for the overall project management of this London wide cycling project. The LCN+ project aims to deliver 900km of high quality strategic cycle routes across London by the end of 2009/10. The project is funded by Transport for London (TfL), project managed by Camden Consultancy Services and delivered in partnership with TfL, CCS, the 33 London Boroughs and cycle user groups. Steve manages a team of 12 diversely skilled individuals and reports to David Oelman, the Head of Cycling Projects at CCS. Steve has worked as a Traffic Engineer since 1995 and has been with CCS since June 2004.