First two years of the Friday Transportation Seminar

Thursday, October 5, 2000, 12:00pm PDT to Friday, June 7, 2002, 1:00pm PDT

The Friday Transportation Seminar series at Portland State University began in the fall of 2000.

Archived materials are not available for seminars earlier than the Spring term of 2002.

Below are the dates, topics and speakers for the first two years of the Friday Transportation Seminar.

Spring 2002


Seminar Topic


Apr 5

Alternative Transportation Finance

Rep. Bruce Starr, Oregon House of Representatives

Apr 12

European Tour on Transportation and Land Use

Lynn Peterson, Tri-Met

Apr 19

Portland/Oregon: Need For New Transit Direction

Bob Behnke, Transportation Consultant

Apr 26

Pay-As-You-Drive Auto Insurance

Chris Hagerbaumer, Program Director, Oregon Environmental Council

May 3

Accessible Pedestrian Signals

Bill Kloos, City of Portland

May 10

Supply Chain Management: State of the Art

Lee Buddress, Professor, Supply and Logistics Management, School of Business Administration, Portland State University

May 17

Re-visiting the Field of Dreams: Assessing Portland's Transit Oriented Developments

John Charles, Environmental Policy Director, Cascade Policy Institute

May 24

Transportation Demand Management at OHSU

Louis A. Ornelas, P.E., Transportation Planner for OHSU

May 31

Measuring Street Connectivity

Shimon Israel, MURP Candidate, School of Urban Studies & Planning, Portland State University

Jun 7

Interstate 5 Trade Corridor Report

Metro Councilor Rod Monroe

Winter 2002


Seminar Topic


Jan 18

Car Sharing in Portland

Dave Brook, General Manager, Flexcar Portland

Jan 25

Transportation Demand Management

Tony Mendoza, Tri-Met

Feb 1

Transportation Research Board 2002 Annual Meeting Discussion

Members of the Transportation Research Group will discuss the TRB Annual Meeting: most compelling issues, best presentations, exciting committee meetings, etc.

Feb 8

Pedestrian and Bicycle Programs at ODOT

Michael Ronkin, Bicycle & Pedestrian Program Manager, Oregon Department of Transportation

Feb 15

Driving the agenda: Assessment of health and environment in Detroit

Stephanie Farquhar, Assistant Professor, School of Community Health, Portland State University

Feb 22

Downtown Parking Studies and Phenomena: A Corvallis Case Study

Beth Wemple, Kittleson and Associates

Mar 1

Oregon's Vehicle Inspection Program

Ted Kotsakis, Program Manager, Vehicle Inspection Program, Oregon DEQ

Mar 8

Modeling at METRO

Keith Lawton, METRO

Mar 15

Past, Present and Future Research Using Tri-Met Bus Dispatch Data

Jim Strathman, Professor, and Thomas Kimpel, Research Associate, Center for Urban Studies, Portland State University

Mar 19

SPECIAL SEMINAR AT 3 PM (Note special time): Some issues in valuing travel time for freight movements: some recent Australian experience

Marcus Wigan, Professor of Transport Systems, Transport Research Institute, Napier University, Edinburgh, Scotland

Fall 2001


Seminar Topic


Oct 5

GIS Applications in Transportation

Earl Bossard, San Jose State University, Department of Urban and Regional Planning

Oct 12

An Intelligent Transportation/Decision Support System for Alexandria, Egypt

Ahmed El Geneidy, Ph.D. Student, Portland State University, School of Urban Studies and Planning

Oct 19

Land Use and Women's Travel - Exploring Relationships

Jennifer Dill, Assistant Professor, Portland State University, School of Urban Studies and Planning

Oct 26

Adaptive Traffic Signal Control in Vancouver, Washington

Ali Eghtedari, City of Vancouver

Nov 2

Pedestrian Trauma Research

Mary D. Gunnels, OHSU Department of Emergency Medicine

Nov 9

Transit Priority

Peter Koonce, Kittelson & Associates

Nov 16

A Statewide Freight Demand Forecasting Model: An Iowa Case Study

Chris Monsere, ODOT

Nov 30

Transit Mobility, Jobs Access, And Low-Income Labor Participation in U.S. Metropolitan Areas

Tom Sanchez, Portland State University, School of Urban Studies and Planning

Fall 2000


Seminar Topic


Oct 5

Benefits of Archived ITS Data: Measuring Capacity at a Freeway Bottleneck

Robert Bertini, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, PSU

Oct 12

The Decline of Mass Transit

Martha Bianco, Assistant Professor of Urban Studies and Planning, PSU

Oct 19

Transportation Planning in the Context of Growth Management: A Case Study of Portland

Kenneth Dueker, Professor of Urban Studies and Planning, PSU

Oct 26

Use of Bus Dispatch System Data for Operations Planning

Steve Callas, TriMet

Nov 2

A Solid Waste Flow Simulation Model: Theory and Applications

Doug Anderson, Metro

Nov 9

Integrated Land Use-Transportation Model for Planning in the Willamette Valley

Brian Gregor, ODOT

Nov 16

Discussion of content for revising the course on Urban Transportation Planning

Ken Dueker, PSU; Mike Hoglund, Metro; Lynn Peterson, TriMet; Joel Freedman, PB