Realistic or Utopian? Coordinating Transit and Land Use to Achieve Equitable Transit-Oriented Development

Friday, November 18, 2016, 12:00pm to 1:00pm PST
Ian Carlton, EcoNorthwest

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Realistic or Utopian? Coordinating Transit and Land Use to Achieve Equitable TOD

Equitable transit-oriented development (E-TOD)—the prioritization of social equity as an outcome of TOD implementation—has become a U.S. DOT policy stance, an objective of many other government bodies, and part of many NGOs' missions. But is it feasible to coordinate transit and land use in ways that allow us to achieve these goals, or is this a classic example of a wicked problem?

This talk will use Portland as a case study to explore some of the internal contradictions inherent in E-TOD goals, the systemic challenges that must be considered, and glimmers of hope for delivering E-TOD. Transportation and land use planners, housing developers, social equity advocates, and others are invited to join this cross-cutting discussion.

Ian Carlton is a project director at ECONorthwest and the cofounder of In addition to directing the customization of MapCraft's web applications, Ian develops analyses to aid policymaking, urban planning, and investment decision making. Ian's project work focuses on land use planning, real estate investment analysis, transit planning, transit-oriented development (TOD) policy, economic development, land use modeling, public finance and value capture. Ian's work often considers the complex and context-specific relationships between transit investments and urban development. He is a member of the Urban Land Institute's TOD Product Council and sits on the Transportation Research Board's Transportation and Land Development Committee.