Transportation and Communities Summit 2015

Tuesday, September 15, 2015, 8:00am to 5:30pm PDT

The first annual Transportation and Communities Summit took place on September 15, 2015 at Portland State University. See photos. Browse this page to see archived videos and presentations, or click here to access the full playlist of videos from the 2015 Summit.

To see information about Oregon Transportation Summits from previous years, click here to visit the OTS Archive.

Plenary Session: Transportation Equity Roundtable

Plenary Session, Transportation Equity Roundtable; TCS 2015

Moderator: Aaron Golub, Portland State University

Panel members: Richard A. Marcantonio of Public Advocates Inc., Jared Franz of OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon, and Alexandra Howard of the City of Portland.

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Baby You Can Drive My Car

Entire session, including Q&A (scroll down to watch individual presentations):

Morning session- Baby You Can Drive My Car: Policies and Barriers to the Sharing Economy; TCS 2015

Moderator: Leah Treat, Portland Bureau of Transportation

Panel members: Jennifer Dill, Portland State University; Amy Lester, University of South Florida; Tommy Hayes, Lyft; Jason Wilde, Spinlister

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View Amy Lester's presentation slides or watch her presentation

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Performance Measure Anxiety

Moderator: Chris Rall, Transportation For America

Panel members: Liming Wang, Portland State University; Travis Brouwer, Oregon Department of Transportation; Karla Kingsley, Kittelson & Associates 

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Something from Nothing

 Moderator: Jenny Liu, Portland State University 

Panel members: Kristine Williams, University of South Florida; Hannah McIntosh, Seattle Department of Transportation; Lauren Michele, Policy in Motion

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Waiting to Connect

Moderator: Adrian Pearmine, DKS Associates

Panel members: Randy Iwasaki, Contra Costa Transportation Authority; Christopher Hedden, Cambridge Systematics; Jon Makler, Oregon Department of Transportation

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Lunch and Keynote

Keynote Address; TCS 2015

Keynote speaker: Eric Klinenberg, New York University

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States on the Hot Seat: Climate Change Laws in Oregon and California

Entire session, including Q&A (scroll down to watch individual presentations):

Afternoon session- States on the Hot Seat: Climate Change Laws in Oregon and California; TCS 2015

Moderator: Keith Bartholomew, University of Utah

Panel members: Lauren Michele, Policy in Motion; Geoffrey Chiapella, San Luis Obispo Council of Governments; Kim Ellis, Metro; Rebecca Lewis, University of Oregon 

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Zeroing In on Safety

Moderator: Beth Wemple, Cambridge Systematics 

Panel members: Hannah McIntosh, Seattle Department of Transportation; Leah Treat, Portland Bureau of Transportation; Chris Monsere, Portland State University

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Carry that Weight: Balancing Freight and Livable Communities

 Moderator: Susie Lahsene, Port of Portland 

Panel members: Alex Carroll, University of South Florida; Corky Collier, Columbia Corridor Association; Giogio Ambrosino, GA Consultancy; Nathanael May, Portland Roasting Company

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Transportation Three Minute Thesis competition results:

2nd place

Watch video

Kristina Currans Issues in Urban Trip Generation
 Watch video Sashikanth Gurram Impact of Urban Design on Exposure to Traffic Pollution

3rd place

Watch video

Rory Isbell  Follow the Money: Effectiveness of Livability Goals in Shaping Transportation Spending

Grand Prize Winner

Watch video

David Proffitt  Building Planner Commitment: Are Oregon’s SB 1059 & California’s SB 375 Models for Climate-Change Mitigation?
 Watch video Guang Tian  Travel and Built Environment: Evidence from 15 Diverse Regions of the United States